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I don’t really understand the “need” for realness – that’s just a Ru Paul meme, isn’t it?

Kinda questions what “realness” is.

I see self expression as a need, like food and shelter. Deny that and you stifle creativity, a fundamental human strength. The comedian Rowan Atkinson puts it extremely eloquently.


“Realness” is just a form of self expression.

Everything is computer generated on the internet – as one observant poster said, the very cameras we use manipulate the pictures we take in software – it’s how digital cameras work.

Even if you scanned a photo, it becomes digitised and manipulated.

There’s no black and white governing “realness”, but either self expression is limited via censorship or it’s not.

A picture of your legs is not really you – you’re hiding “you” and just displaying a part you want people to see.

An image of my face that I have manipulated to my taste, however, is an artistic expression of how I see myself and how I feel.

In a sense, it’s more a real picture of me than a part of my anatomy.



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