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Oh Goody we can have children hunting for Easter eggs all over the garden again.

I never have quite understood why a rabbit is depositing eggs in my garden but annually children from the family gather to hunt down small chocolate eggs which the rabbit seems to hide very poorly around the property. The older children take delight in pointing out the more obvious eggs, often sitting in plain sight on top of a post or car bumper, to the younger tots.

In my manly way in the past I have just assumed that Easter bunnies were in fact mythical creatures and therefore quite capable of laying eggs wrapped in foil rather akin in some ways to the duck billed Platypus. As a concession to my newly identified femininity “she who must be obeyed” has explained to me that this is just silly and at long last I have had the mystery of mammalian birth explained which until now I had understood to have something to do with birds and bees, an unlikely pairing I always thought.

Apparently Easter bunnies are akin to Santa’s elves and go around collecting chocolate eggs laid by the Easter chickens which they wrap in silver foil. Having collected and wrapped the eggs they then distribute them widely, hiding them poorly around gardens where they believe good children may gather.

Of course this has explained yet another of the male female mysteries identified in women are from Venus and men from Mars ie that Women actually communicate differently and more than men. I always wondered what we girls found to talk about and now I know.

I think I need an Easter wee dram. Anyone out there saying whisky is not an Easter tradition has obviously never been to scotland.

Slainte Mhath. (Slanj-a-var)

Lisa xxx

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