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Well, ladies:  this is the first note I’ve seen since we hit the 50 vote barrier, at which I said I’d reveal the correct answer.  But first – I’m going to say something very few folk would have predicted – Stephanie is right – mostly…  Yes; every style of cuisine has some fantastic dishes, often ones that you would never have predicted.  The most part of Steph’s note I can deal with in one go, but first I have to point out the obvious – any style of food is made at least twice as good by having it in the vegetarian version.  This may not make it “authentic” (especially for Scottish food…) but it’s tastier, more environmentally friendly and far, far more ethical.  Now, to Steph’s note:  yup, if you’re going to take the “wrong” decision to kill for a meal, you should utilise all of the animal – and if that means sheep’s eyeballs for breakfast you should have thought of that before you had lamb cutlets the night before.  But Steph… but didn’t you seem to put Gazpacho in with the meat dishes?  Maybe I’ve only seen the veggie version…

Now; the correct answer to the question (and while I’m not surprised at Scottish food getting no votes, how on earth did no-one vote for Indian!  Curry is SUBLIME!)  The correct answer is… (drum roll……) as Stevie Steiner nearly said – EASTERN EUROPEAN FOOD!  Borshcht with sour cream and sourdough bread to start with, followed by Pirogi Russki, probably accompanied by some Sirenye Pa Shopski (basically baked cheese and tomato) and for pudding Blini, maybe Syrniki (though that’s probably a bit too much cheese) or Pashka Pastila (basically pressed fruit topped with icing sugar).  Just one problem with that lot – you end up four dress sizes above where you started off – and believe me; I know…  Final note:  an apology for not including Mexican from the start – generally superb stuff that deserves the respect I didn’t offer it.  Now – I have to lay off the snap and get back to trying to get into that new miniskirt of mine……  Overweight Inga.

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