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Grace, thanks for the encouragement. You are a great and beautiful promoter of our lifestyle and every time one of us goes out in public our entire sisterhood is a little bit closer to acceptance. As someone said the other day, in 50 years crossdressing could be a common thing. I hope it comes sooner than that.

One of the problems of getting out the first time is our fear of not being dressed properly enough to even pass a little bit. Most of us live in isolation with our desires without any help or feedback about how we really look to the casual observer. We question ourselves. Are my clothes appropriate for the occasion? Is my skirt long enough? Are my forms too big or should I not be wearing forms at all? Should I be wearing tights instead of nylons? Does my makeup look like a clown? Is my wig straight? Do I still walk like a big old male? Can I pass to a half blind man? Am I obviously a man in a dress clocked a mile away? Will I scare kids and mothers run away with their children? Will the authorities stop me taking me as a hooker? Will I run into my relatives or coworkers? All of these are doubts in our minds standing at the front door questioning ourselves over and over until we give up. That first outing is a terrible nerve wracking experience… so hard to get over that hurdle.

Yes, once you do find the courage to open that door it gets easier bit by bit but those doubts are not easy to erase. I’ve been out a few times and have some confidence but I envy you girls who have done it so often that its become boring just being out. I haven’t done it but would love to go shopping enfemme trying on different beautiful clothes… a goal… maybe in less than 50 years… who knows?

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