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I have met several sisters when out en femme – these tend to fall into 3 categories:

1. The excited supersister. As soon as you see her, her eyes light up – no need for explanations, you’re already bezzie mates. With this type you can be like “Hi, Darling, how are you? Oh, my – you look gorgeous!! I love your (insert most fabulous aspects here) – can I get you a drink, and other no holds barred gushiness. From the reciprocation, you gauge whether you need to tone it down a bit for comfort, or let the world know how amazing the sisterhood is.

2. The reluctant shrinking violet. This type looks a bit lonely, and gazes around, hopefully. Generally, the clothes are a little poorly thought out and the makeup skills are next to non-existent – but she is trying, and she is there, and she is my sister. My introduction will be along the lines of “Oh, hi! Are you a sister? What’s your name, honey?”, and I will see if she opens up, using a compliment to get the feelings flowing. If she doesn’t want the company of an outrageous hussy like me, I will know, and not be an over-sensitive drama queen – usually this type warm to you as the evening goes on, and they see you mingling with all sorts of other people, and are not specifically picking on them!

3. The ignorant beyatch. Sorry, girls, but there are members of our sisterhood who think their look is super-convincing, and they don’t want an obvious bloke in a frock outing them with air-head conversation. I find this ignorant – in the literal sense of the word, as this type will pretty much act like you’re not even there and look around as if looking out for someone else, building a wall of “Do not approach me”.

Huh! Who wants to talk to someone else when they could be talking to Laura?




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