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I’ve been around forums (various themes) for as long as I can remember, and while the original theme of the forum maybe one thing, i think it is just human nature that we digress and discuss other topics.

This is totally fine, as I find a variety of topics (other than the theme of the forum) is what makes it great.  Discussing just the theme of the forum can get quite boring quickly.  However, what I’ve found on forums is that if there is digression, one of 2 things happen : the mods clamp down heavily with an iron fist, what happens then is people leave because of a perceived “lack of freedom of discussion” (I left a forum because of mod’s heavy hand).  The other is the mods allow a certain degree of freedom, but then the participants start “regulating themselves” and then we wind up with walking on egg shells as you don’t know what topics will set people off.

There is no right answer or solution.

Worst part is, and I’ve seen this time and time again, because posts are made behind a computer screen, people become impulsive and will say almost whatever they feel without any thought of consequences (unfortunately this spills over into real life too).  This is a huge reason why I don’t do any social media.  People will say crap.  On top of all that, there are trolls that post things just to get people agitated.

Feel free to disagree, but with any forum this is the nature of the beast.  Besides, I’m too old at this point in my life to get into any pissing contest with anyone over the internet.

This is about as vocal as I’ve gotten on CDH     lol

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