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Hi Grace I do not know what has happened to stir up all this controversy. One of the many things I have learned when things get a little confusing always go back to the basics. A few facts just to remember.  Cross dressers only make up about 1% of the general population. We come from all parts of the world no matter how we were raised or culture we were exposed to when growing up. Cross dressing is still very much misunderstood even by our most brilliant scholars. We have been around for thousands of years, it is not exactly a new activity. WHY? is the question most of have asked at any point on our lives. Most here can explain know how we feel and again for most its pretty much the same. We are here to connect with others who feel the same way and have found this is a safe place where we can share our secret.I try to keep my religion and politics out of general discussions There is so much passion when discussing about our core beliefs. We all have cover from the same umbrella when it comes to our cross dressing. There are those who enjoy it in private and alone and there are those who have said I have had enough of hiding . I am going to enjoy it full time all the time. There is nothing much more that that. I am grateful now I have a club back in my earlier years where there where those who identified them selves as transsexuals you were either pre-op or post op. The other members where simply cross dressers. I would say do not take any one person for granted. You never know when our time has come to be a part of history. I do understand that cross dressing can come and go in our lives depending on our individual situation. One of the many things we have learned here. It never just goes away. So I try never to say good bye Best to say “I will see you later”. Keep it simple ladies. Do not forget, we came together so we could share our secret in a SAFE environment without criticism or made to feel uncomfortable.

  Luv Stephanie




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