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A bit of biology might help you understand. I will be as concise as possible because it is very complex.

A possible explanation, and what I believe to be true is:-

All of us start off as female (or more accurately potentially female) as our very early development was in the womb surrounded by maternal oestrogen and only the X (female) chromosome was active.  So all our internal organs were started off as female, including our rudimentary brain.

If we had received another X chromosome from dad then we would have continued to develop as female.  But we didn’t – we got a Y chromosome containing the sex determining SRY gene which is responsible for changing the sex of the embryo to male.

Around week 8 of our gestation the SRY gene kicks in and sets off a chain of events which leads to the development of male genitalia and the production of testosterone. Also, female genes are switched off, and male genes are switched on.

If all goes according to plan we develop as a male.  But the whole process is time-critical and each step must complete. If something slows this down, and the time runs out, then the masculinisation process does not complete.

The brain is the last organ to be masculinised.   So, if the process stops, some parts of the brain continue to develop more like a female’s than a male. Neurologists believe these areas may be associated with gender identity.

So your guy has a feminine side as well as a masculine one. It is perfectly natural. It cannot be “cured.” Probable reason is a gene that causes intolerance to androgens, so the production of testosterone is slowed down.  Or possibly the mother was on some medication that interfered with the process. Or some other genetic factor.

The really good news is that this feminine influence is likely to make him more empathetic and caring.

But his “inner woman” also needs him to be able to physically express his feminine side  by dressing as a woman, which keeps him calm and is necessary for his mental well being.

Please note- he is no less of a man, and  I believe he is enhanced by also having a female dimension.

Pheww! I need to take a breath.

Hope it helps.

Stephanie p

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