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Dear Stephanie ,

First of all , what a great post !

Just like Barb I already knew I was staying here , but I just dropped out the anchor , disabled the mechanism , so I can’t leave here anymore , even if I wanted to !

Pantyhose was the first Female garment I ever wore as a Child.

It was and still is my holy grail of Crossdressing.

Up until a few weeks ago , I always bought the “cheaper” pantyhose of the spectrum.

Now I own about 9 pair of the more expensive Italian ones there are in the 15D and 20D range.

I already know that they look better and even feel better than the “cheaper” ones !

I haven’t had them long enough to know if they last longer than the “cheaper” one’s but they sure feel like they are made from a more expensive material ( to be expected considering the price ! ) so I would think them to last a little longer , more so with the 20D than the 15D.

( I have already worn one pair of the 20D a few times and they are still perfect ).

As for the “cheaper” ones I always bought , how long they will last , really depends on the pair.

Sometimes you are lucky with that , and sometimes they rip after you wear them for the first time , or even when you are putting them on ! ( I am SO angry when that happens…. ).

I could talk about this all day , but these are my initial thoughts on the subject so far.


Love Sylvia ,

P.S. : thanks again for the great topic !




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