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Good Afternoon Grace, I’m in the same exact situation as you my Dear, I never puffed a cigarette in my life.  My parents both smoked – a lot (and both died from cancer) – so I had a great deal of second hand smoke as a youngster. It is so gross.  I also never dated a woman who smoked – that is a major turnoff for me.

I had a female staff member who smoked and tried to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke on her clothes by dousing herself in perfume.  OMG, that was the worse smell ever – the stale cigarette smell still got through the perfume and the latter was so overwhelming that I could never get within 2 metres of her – gee isn’t that the social distancing for covid?

I have very few friends that smoke and those that do are always sick and look way older than their actual age.  My friend who died last week was a heavy smoker and she had COPD plus other nasty things and died from cancer.

One of the activities I do part-time is review films for a film festival.  If the film has too much unnecessary smoking (especially long close ups) that film gets a thumbs down from me.  Last week, I watched a film where a guy kept butting out his cigarettes in sunny side up egg yolks – I almost puked watching it, so that film got the old heave ho rather quickly.

I’m so happy that my kids don’t smoke.  One of our successful parenting moments.

But I guess everyone does something that is annoying. If you came into our house, you wouldn’t smell any cigarette smoke, but you may smell wet dog.  It’s been snowing all day and Sandy and I have been on two walks, both times she got a bit damp.  So someone sensitive to that smell would be grossed out and I don’t notice it at all. I’ll make supper quick so that smell will be covered up by the wonderful aroma of mushrooms and onions sautéing in garlic. Yum.

All the best, Have a most lovely week.  Hugs Krista.

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