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I’m one of those girls who started early, just over 5 years old.  It was so I could play with my sisters friends and her with all the cool Barbie items that we as a group could pull together and have a blast once or twice a week usually, until I was in 2d grade.

That’s how it was intended originally.  But the young girl I always saw in the mirror became the person I wanted to be.  It wasn’t anyone’s fault or pushed on me unwillingly.  It was how I saw myself to truly be.  I dressed every chance I got as often or not as often until about 6th grade, then I had to become much more careful because of bully types picking on those of us they deemed not ‘tough enough’.  I think those were the toughest times of my life until I was about 15 and met my first BF.

Over the years I have known many CD/TG girls.  Some were as open as I was in my 20’s, while the majority kept it hidden as much as possible, or just went away totally.  Meeting older girls later in life and having little group outings and chatting, these very questions came up pretty frequently, which led to many of them doing some deep searching and explaining why their lives went the way they did.

Some (way too many in fact), became victims of violence, which drove them deeper into their secrecy.  Many lost jobs and family, friends.  It just cost a lot of girls too much and many shied away at the first sign of trouble, hiding a huge part of themselves, to be seen as the ‘Perfect Husband/father/uncle/neighbor/etc.

But most I have been friends with in the last 10 or so years, just reached a point and were overwhelmed by the desires they had repressed for so long.  Divorce rates have always been about 50%, but I just wonder how many are CD related and no one ever counted or it wasn’t mentioned in the decrees.

Most of these people just finally said it like Popeye, “That’s all I can stand, and I can’t stand no more.”.  They gave voice to their private frustrations, concluded that they were not hurting anyone, weren’t perverts or deviants.

Men are entitled to their lives, just the same as women are.  They don’t have to be gay to like lacey panties, much to a lot of peoples surprise.  They don’t follow children down the street.  They are as normal as everyone else and they feel this part of them stronger with each year they push the feelings down.  I do believe that yes, more men are getting in touch with their feelings, and some of those feelings are usually a shade of pink, with a bit of lace highlights.



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