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Not me. I love being a crossdresser. I’ve been wearing, stockings, pantyhose, heels and bra since I was 4. I loved how the clothes felt and looked. It was quite pleasurable and euphoric. I wanted pretty dresses too but they weren’t available to me back then.

Over the years, I managed to acquire more and better clothes. At 13, I began buying my own pantyhose and even bought a few matching bra and panty sets.

I began to dream and fantasize about dressing as a girl and going out. I would see how some girls would dress, loved how they looked and their confident, sexy swagger. I wanted that. I wanted to feel what that would be like. I wanted what they had.

It wasn’t until I was 17, and had my own car that I had the freedom to dress more freely. I bought a pair of platform wedge heels, some short girls shorts, and made some breastforms from old pantyhose. I hid the shorts and bras with other clothes in my room. The breastforms and platform wedges stayed hidden in the trunk of my car.

When no one was home, I would get the shoes and breastforms out of the trunk of the car. I put on my pantyhose, short shorts and platform heels. I stuffed my bra with my pantyhose breastforms, admired myself in the mirror, and basked in the thrill, euphoria and pleasure of dressing like that, while dreaming and fantasizing about going out like that one day soon.

I had to complete my look though. I was looking for a role model and someone I could look like and impersonate. I thought of girls I knew. Many were amazing, but I didn’t think I could look like them. I thought of girls I saw on TV and in magazines. There was some I would have loved to look like, but I knew my physical attributes just wouldn’t work. I wanted to be my femme best when I went out.

Then I saw Daisy Duke. OMG! It was a miracle. I had to be her. I wanted that confident swagger and experience how it felt to be her. I already had the pantyhose, shoes, short shorts, bras and breastforms. I just need a wig. I had to have that hair.

I went to a wig store and looked in the window. There was lots of styles, but I wanted Daisy hair. After several trips to the store and not having the nerve to go in, I finally did. I saw two wigs that were what I wanted. One was amber colored like Daisy, and the other was like a dirty blonde. I could have the same hair as Daisy or maybe be a little lighter, have my own style. I bought both of them.

When the opportunity came up, I bought the wigs, heels and breastforms into the house and got dressed. I began to feel the thrill, pleasure and euphoria I always felt when wearing those clothes. Now came the big moment. How would I look in the wigs? I put one on. When I saw myself, I was shocked. I was a girl. I went from a guy wearing those wonderful clothes and loving the feeling and experience to a girl. I was a girl. Maybe not exactly like Daisy but close enough to be her sister. I changed wigs. I looked different but just as femme and amazing. My transformation was complete I was a girl. I had sexy legs, nice breasts and pretty hair. Time to go out and experience being a girl.

I had a plan. Keep my heels, pantyhose breastforms and wigs in the trunk of my car. Put my pantyhose, short shorts and bra on at home, then put on long pants and a shirt to cover them up. Go out to the car, drive to a nearby park, and get the heels, hair and breasts out of the trunk. Take off my guy shoes, slide the long pants off, put on my platform wedge heels, put my pantyhose breastforms into my bra and put on a wig. Sounded easy but I was pushed back by fear when I tried to do it. After several attempts, I began to wonder if I was wasting my time and money. All those years of fantasies, dreams and desires just falling apart. I kept trying. One day I got to the park and got the things out of the trunk. I took off my guy shoes and quickly slid off my long pants. My legs looked really great in my pantyhose. Excitement began coming over me. I slipped on my wedge heels. WOW! Those are my legs. They looked so sexy and so girly. Excitement and thrill was rushing in like never before. I have to get the breastforms in and wig on.

When I did, excitement, thrill, euphoria and pleasure came in stronger than ever. I looked down at my legs. WOW! Amazing. So sexy and girlie.. I check my breasts to make sure they were properly in place. I looked in the rear view mirror to make sure my wig was on ok. WOW! All that beautiful, flowing, wonderful hair. I felt like a girl. It was better than my greatest fantasies could have imagined.Time to get out and show the world.

I opened the door. My long, sexy legs in pantyhose were shining in the sun. Whew! Amazing! Those are my legs. My pantyhose gently caressed my legs as I stood up. Mmmm! Wonderful. My breasts looked amazing. My pretty hair flowed about them. Intense euphoria and pleasure like never before. Time to show this girl off to the world. I shut the car door and walked around the park. There was some people around. I thought I was getting looks. After a while I got back in the car. WOW! What a rush that was. Now what? I can’t just go home.I drove around some. The excitement, thrill, euphoria and pleasure was so intense. This is how it feels to be a girl? I love it. I found several places where I thought I could get out of the car and be seen safely. I got bolder and bolder, getting closer and closer to people. After several hours it was time to head back. I drove back to the the the park. I took off my wedges, slid my long pants back on and slipped on my guy shoes. I took off my wig and took out my breastforms. I was a guy again, The excitement, thrill, euphoria and pleasure was gone. It was amazing being a girl.

I went out many more times after that. Fear often got in the way. I chickened out a lot, but kept at it. I acted out and fulfilled so many of my dreams and fantasies. The thrill, rush, excitement, euphoria and pleasure I got just could not be had from anything else.

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