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Great subject, Jamie!

I think you covered most of the things women have to do: makeup, hair, dress, shin, etc. And I believe being a CD gives us a better understanding of all those things that demand a women attention and time, all things that most men are clueless about.

One thing my wife appreciates about me is that Jules totally understands, and even helps her with outfits, jewelry selection, etc. Jules is also the seamstress in the family, which my wife appreciates. Jules also does the majority of the cooking, furthering her understanding and THAT portion of many women’s life.

However, there is another large part of women’s lives which the average guys is also clueless about.

That part is understanding what the average women feels, loves, and fears.

For example, when I’m out and about by myself as Jules, especially at night, I believe my fear and anxiety is similar to what many women experience every day, multiple time per day. Which side of the street should I walk on? So, do I dare make eye contact with that man approaching? What if he hits on me, or makes a lurid comment? Where is it safe to park? Where is it safe to go? What should I wear to avoid unwanted attention for a man, or group of men? Who is walking behind me? A man? Is he following me? Is anyone around to help me? Should I has pepper spray? Etc, etc…

The world can and often is a scary place for many women, and as Jules I can sense and even feel the same fear.

And that is a shame! Who is mostly to blame? Sadly, men cause the most problems. While men can be a blessing to women, often they are the opposite.

As Jules, I better understand this part of women’s lives today. And as Jules is can clearly see that most men really are clueless…

My wish? That every man across the world completely dress and live as a women for one whole week. That would go a long way towards reducing gender inequality and sexual assault. Trust me!

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