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Several years ago I listened to a podcast about running which mentioned this topic, one of the hosts, a physiotherapist and runner I believe, relayed a story about meeting a lady wearing high heels and a pencil skirt. He commented how wearing such attire would form good therapy. I can’t remember the exact details unfortunately, but at the time it did inspire me to write a short TG fiction story:

Sports Therapy Story

Jonny buzzed the buzzer twice of his sports therapist.

“Come in Jonny” Sara’s voice sounded on down the intercom.

Jonny had poor posture and poor gait, Sara, a qualified sports therapist and friend of his wife’s, was supposed to help him with it. He climbed the stairs wondering what treats Sara had in store for him today, last session she had massaged his legs, twisting and pulling them in all directions, then she had watched him walk up and down.

“Hiya, you alright?” Sara greeted him as he reached the top of the stairs.

“I fine thanks” Jonny smiled at her. He gave her the once over. Sara was an attractive girl maybe in her late twenty’s, early thirty’s. Unlike most sports therapists she dressed in business wear, today was no exception sporting a brown pencil skirt with matching suit jacket, black tights and loose white blouse.

The studio was a medium square room, the far wall lined with therapeutic instruments the sort of thing which wouldn’t look out of place in a gym. There was a black leather sofa and swivel chair in the nearside corner.

Jonny sat down on the sofa while Sara took the swivel chair and sat facing him. “Ok then” she started, “I thought we would do some practical today, I’m going to observe you walking.”

Oh no massage today, Jonny thought disappointed.

“Lets get to it” Sara stated with genuine enthusiasm, “You’ll need to take your shoes off so I can see your walk”

Jonny stood up and slid his smart loafers off his feet, like Sara he was also in business wear, this was a lunch time appointment.

“Ok, walk the length of the room please”

Jonny complied, striding steadily across the room and back.

“Good, good” Sara praised “that’s it, keep that posture, make long strides.”

Jonny kept pacing, standing tall, taking big steps, it felt so good to walk like this. He’d started to encompass this walking style into everyday, he couldn’t keep it up for long periods though it was quite tiring.

“Ok that’s enough” Sara called on his third lap. “That was good, I’m going to make it a bit harder now, need to restrict your gait. For that I’m going to need some props” She said the last part with a small smile. No doubt she was going to bring out some silly looking but effective medical instrument which would make him look ridiculous.

Jonny stood barefoot watching Sara rummage through a chest along the wall beside her swivel chair.

“Here we are” Sara straightened turning to face him. She had a bundle of fabric draped over her arm, which she opened out and held out in front of her. “This is a Pencil Skirt” she exclaimed, “rather like the one I’m wearing today.” She moved the skirt to one side and have her hips a little wiggle “This type of skirt is well known for being restrictive, it means you won’t be able to stride quite as much.”

Jonny nodded and moved to take the skirt.

“You’ll need these as well, they’ll help circulation in your legs” Sara handed him a pair of opaque black tights. “You can change behind the screen”

It wasn’t until Jonny was behind the screen starting to unbuckle his belt he realised the items he was expected to wear were actual pieces of woman’s clothing, not just therapeutic instruments. He checked the label of the skirt and sure enough, it had come from a well known woman’s high street store.

He knew how to put tights on, but still felt very silly as he rolled them up his legs. They emitted a distinct pressure on his legs which Jonny wasn’t used too but decided it was actually quite a pleasant feeling. He often mocked the guys at the cycling club who wore tight fitting thermals. Yet here he was wearing actual woman’s tights, and quite enjoying the experience.

Next came the skirt, he stepped into it and pulled it up his legs, reaching round to fasten the zip at the back. He could barely feel the skirt through the tights as he stood still, preparing to show himself to Sara.

With a deep breath, excitement tingling in him, Jonny began to walk out from behind the screen. He abruptly stopped though realising he could barely move his right leg forward. Jonny carefully brought his left leg forward, stepping a foot in front of his right. He repeated the process with his right foot, then his left again, then right, getting faster and faster. A grinning Sara came into view, as he rounded the screen, he tried to stride towards her in a flury of short quick steps. He managed to keep his stride length short enough that the skirt didn’t restrict him, but they were so short and quick he almost lost balance several times, nearly crashing on the sofa.

Sara couldn’t help but giggle at his antics making Jonny blush. He felt completely out his depth, totally reliant on Sara, both for her knowledge of gait and sports therapy, but also on her ability, being a woman, to navigate this hindrance of femininity.

“Ok” Sara said unable to keep her enjoyment out her voice, or just not bothering “same as before, walk up and down, I’ll observe. Nice and slow now.”

Jonny moved carefully and slowly, like a tight rope walker suspended fifty feet above the ground. After a couple of relays with some praise from Sara Jonny relaxed and comfortable, he sped up. Speeding up meant his gait increased and he found the skirt start to restrict his movement once more, it pressed on the front thigh of his leading leg, and on the back thigh of his trailing leg. His confidence grown though, he no longer felt off balance and welcomed the restrictive feeling.

“That’s it” Sara called, “stretch those legs, your not a graceful lady, show that skirt whose boss”

Buoyed by Sara’s comments Jonny stretched his stride some more, he felt confident, powerful even. The skirt and tights were conspiring against him, the skirt restricting his movement, the tights making his legs hot and sweaty. Adrenaline caused through Jonny’s veins, giving him a high which could only be matched during intensive exercise or passionate sex.

“I think you’ve mastered the skirt” Sara said, “lets make it a little harder and try a pair of heels”

Jonny stopped pacing, Sara went back to chest pulling out a pair of smart black high heeled shoes.

“Do you make all your male clients dress up like this” Jonny asked, bemused. He was all for trying on a pair of heels though.

“One or two I have, its a new thing, I was listening to a podcast about gait, it featured pencil skirts and one of the experts stated wearing a pencil skirt with heels has therapeutic benefits for people with gait problems.” Sara handed Jonny the shoes “your the only one who has shown any confidence though, everyone else either refused to do it or was too embarrassed to really give it a go.”

“As long as your not going to give me homework” Jonny grinned, “I’m not sure my wife would appreciate me dressing like this, therapeutic benefits of not”

“She might enjoy it” Sara smiled.

Jonny smiled back meekly, he wasn’t so sure, although it would be great if his wife did do something like this to him.

The shoes were black fastened with strap over the front of his ankle, Jonny had slipped them onto his feet easy enough, but bending down to do the strap up was proving difficult. He had to sit down on the sofa.

Jonny felt rather off balance in the high heels, more so than he had after putting the pencil skirt on, just standing was an effort. He took a tentative step forward, followed by another and proceeded to walk across the room. It was different now he wobbled with every step, he wanted to take a long step and plant his foot firmly on the ground, but the restrictive pencil skirt prohibited that.

It took him a whole minute to reach the other side of the room and when he did he stood still for a moment regaining his balance.

“Go on your doing really well” Sara said, “its difficult isn’t it?”

Jonny nodded and stockily made his way back towards her.

A few more runs and Jonny had recovered his confidence, still feeling wobbly though he did not raise to the standard he had set in just the pencil skirt.

“Ok, I think you’ve had enough skirt therapy for one day” Sara called after his fourth attempt, “You’ve done really well, I’m impressed.”

“Skirt therapy, is that what your calling it” Jonny chuckled, trotting over to collapse on the sofa, his legs ached.

“Yes, that’s what it is therapy from wearing a pencil skirt”

“And heels” Jonny added, unbuckling the heels on his feet, “what about the tights though, I didn’t really need to wear them did I?”

Sara’s guilty look told Jonny all he needed to know.

“I was just having a bit of fun” Sara admitted, “It has been proven that tights do improve circulation, but there was no real need for you to wear them today.”

“You devil” Jonny beamed, his face hardend “I’d be careful though not all your clients will appreciate your cheekiness.”

“No not all will” Sara agreed, “but I was pretty sure you would.”

Grinning from ear to ear that he had been well and truly had, Jonny headed off to get changed. He swung his legs around, as much as the skirt would allow anyway, feeling liberated now he had got rid of those damned heels.

Behind the screen once more Jonny slipped the skirt off with a fleeting feeling of sadness and rather hoped there’d be more sessions like this.

“We’ll do lots more practice” Sara assured him with a light smile as he emerged dressed back in his work trousers.

A lot more practice they did, when Jonny turned up to his session the following week, laid on the back of the sofa was the black pencil skirt, this time with sheer black tights, a thin loose white buttoned blouse and lacy underwear.

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