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Well ladies, this has been an exciting post and lots of responses.  I would like to share my outfit worn on Sunday.

My wife and I needed to go out and finish up some Christmas shopping so we took showers and got dressed.  I have yet to go out completely enfemme so I usually only underdress or wear some neutral clothing like jeans or tops.  Anyway, feeling a little frisky and a little risque I told her I was going to wear a little eye makeup.  (I figured I could always keep my sunglasses on if I felt uncomfortable.)  Needless to say, I wore a matching thong and bra (i had a little padding to keep the cups from puckering and being noticeable) my jeans from Long Tall Sally, my wife’s olive green top, knee high boots (under the jeans) and I did my eye makeup.  I also borrowed her green eyeliner and my black mascara.  (the eyeliner and her top match perfectly)

I asked for her opinion and she said I did a good job and couldn’t really notice my eyes unless she looked right at me (I think to help ease my mind that no one else would notice). I put on a little Japanese Blossom spritz, grabbed my purse (It looks somewhat masculine and I only carry it from the house to the car), just as we started out the door, my daughter saw me and immediately said “wow, that looks great, I like”  Well, I own it now and asked if it looked to dramatic and she said it didn’t and it looked great.  So that being said I was excited to go out and take on the world, as long as I had my sunglasses LOL.  (She has seen me wear eye makeup in the past only around the house and once to the zoo and I usually wear leggings and cami’s around the house)

We went to a number of stores, and I remained reserved keeping my shades on most of the day, outside and inside the stores only removing them to read a label.  All was going great in my self proclaimed safe zone until we went to Ulta.  As we entered, my wife looked at me and said, you can probably just take them off in here, no one will say a thing.  So, after a quick scan of the store to make sure there were no other guys with their wives anywhere near me I lifted my glasses, and walked through the isles perusing the cosmetics, polishes and cleansers.  I love that store BTW.  We were looking at some moisturizers when my wife said, stay here a moment while I look for something, pick us out a good one.  All alone and a little intimidated I was reading the labels of 2 products and of course, a sales lady just happened to walk up and ask if I needed any help.  Without thinking I turned, looked right at her and said confidently, “no thank you, just comparing”, she looked right at my eyes, smiled and said ok, let me know if you need anything and walked away.  So after that, I just kept the glasses up, feeling pretty confident, going about our shopping as normal and thrilled about feeling accepted in this ladies domain.  We finished our shopping, checked out and went to dinner before panty shopping at Kohl’s, all with my sunglasses above my face.  There wasn’t anything jumping out at us to buy but an older lady walked past us, looked at me holding up a cute lace thong, gave me a perplexed expression and continued on all, I am sure she noticed my eyes popping with my green eyeliner.

I am sure some of our sisters can relate to that feeling of freedom, acceptance and conquering.  Not that I have taken that full step of going out completely dressed, but this was my first outing wearing makeup and being around people in public.  I am sure you can understand how intoxicated I am.  I think I may attempt to add a little nail polish next time just to push the envelope a bit.

So the next day was a little of the same, a quick run to the store, still drab like, wore a teal v neck with black LTS jeans with grey eyeliner and mascara.  This was only a quick trip to the market but fun none the less.  Today, working from home I am wearing matching black panties and lace bra, forms,  blue leggings and multi colored handkerchief tunic, black eyeliner and mascara and a dark grey shadow (still working on that technique) and some festive red toe polish.  The pest guy arrived so I covered up when he arrived and wore sun glasses.

Sorry this was so long, but I am really happy to be able to share my excitement with you ladies.  I hope you have a great rest of your day and a wonderful holiday and I will try to sneak in a picture before too long.

hugs Dani

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