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I do it because a part of me, NEEDS to. The reasons for why, are, I am sure a rather complex part of my pysche.

I am intermittent. I can go a long time without dressing but the thoughts are never far away. I am hetro and married, so like most of us, it’s not something I’m brave enough to out myself to the wife about. That said, she did ask me to dress on one occasion (totally unconnected) as one of her own fantasies. Unfortunately, reality was different for her than me and it’s supposedly something she isn’t keen on repeating.

I trace my own dressing back to first using my Mother’s nylons and shoes, probably from around 7 or 8 years old. Without going too much into pyscho-analysing things, my Mum had great legs and always wore heels and short skirts when she went out for the night. I remember, vividly, wishing I could look like that. When I pulled nylons on and stepped into heels, I got an immediate sense of another part of me being ‘addressed’ and satisfied (?).

This did develop into sexual relief too in my teens and since. It totally turns me on to dress and it’s literally like another part of me is allowed out into the world. As I said, I am hetro, yet I do experience very vivid thoughts of being sexual with a male when I am dressed. I have no desire for a male at any other time and I am not remotely turned on by the male form – it’s almost like the feminine side of me wants to be fulfilled and to fulfil. Having just made my very first outdoor appearance while dressed and received some flattering and naughty comments, the sense of validation was palpable for me.

Deeper down of course, I get a large dose of emotional contentment from dressing. I guess it’s that feminine side of me that just needs to be heard, to be acknowledged and from last nights experience, apparently to be seen too!

We are all different and we all have our own reasons. But we aren’t hurting anyone is how I see it and it’s just a shame that dressing is still rather taboo even as the whole LGBTQ scene gains prominence and validation.

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