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Loving your story, and totally agreeing with you! The idea of being touched by a skirt or dress has always given me a buzz. When I was about twelve I was at a community Christmas party, there was girl there, a few years younger, wearing a black jersey knee length circle skirt. I wasn’t a fan of parties and spent most of the evening sitting at the end of the table, against the wall. This girl kept pushing past me to get to her drink/table snacks. Every time she did so the hem of her skirt brushed my knees. And every time it gave me such a tingle.

Another time, around the same age, I was at a New Year’s Eve party where there was a girl called Ellie (not real name). On NYE She was wearing a long fitted evening gown, black with silver sequins. Several events happened that evening, making it rather memorable. First we were all sat bunched up on a row of comfy chairs, myself next to Ellie. Somehow the hem of her dress had flipped over and was draped over my shins.

Later that evening one of the younger boys, Henry (not real name) was laying on the floor face down for some playful reason. Ellie stood over him so the hem of her dress lay on his lower back. She bent over and tickled him. As I watched, I wished we could’ve swapped places. Henry wasn’t so thrilled and somehow managed to wriggle free.

“Help me Alex” he cried running over to me for protection.

“Hold him” Ellie ordered.

I was torn into three, the boy in me wanted to help Henry, the girl in me wanted to help Ellie (later I reimagined this scene with me dressed in a long flowing evening gown like Ellie and helping her tickle Henry), and the submissive part of me wanted to obey Ellie’s order. In the end I took the neutral ground.

“I can’t help you Henry” I said grinning at him, but letting him escape. He ran into the dance hall, Ellie looked at me disappointed, then leant over and tickled me instead.


The airing cupboard was in my bedroom and clothing would often be hung on the airing cupboard doors, if there was a skirt or a dress of my Mums (I had no sisters) I would inspect it, tweak the hem with fingers, and indeed slip upwards inside it just like you did with your sister’s dress. I would also fashion skirts and dresses out of everyday items. A towel could be worn in a variety of ways. Around the waist as a maxi or calf length skirt, fold it in half until the hem sat at my knees for a pencil/tube skirt or wrap it around my body at chest height for a mini dress. A button up shirt made a good pencil skirt, (turned round back to front with the collar around my hips). When we went abroad and stayed in hotels I would wrap the sheets around me like a dress. Its quite ingenious how we manage to invent skirts and dresses out of nothing!

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