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You might enjoy try paint your clear and wear to work until painted nails feel right to you. It’s how I started. I worked in a very male type job for years. (now retired) Only a very few noticed and only one ask why about it. I just said because i like it. As time when on I added color to my nails. Only women have said anything and then it was positive. I’m sure some did behind my back. Those are the kind of people I didn’t want as friends anyway. My friends didn’t care and the others didn’t matter.
I think as long as you own it and don’t put it in peoples faces they don’t care.
Yes men can be cruel to each other if you let them. If you let them know it matters to you, you loose.

Even with red painted nails in male mode I own it.
I always wear color on my nails now and I live almost totally in male mode. I get hit on by women a lot now. Who knew? I wish I had known when I was younger. LOL

If ask about why you wear clear and if you care what they think. You might just say it’s to stop your nails from slitting. My nails use to split all the time until I started painting them. It’s another plus for painted nails. : )
Now that I’m retired I wear more of what I want to. I like to mix typical male / female things together.
I even wear small heels in the summer a lot. That seems to help with my back pain. Again who knew?
We all have to decide what is best for us and how we feel.


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