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I guess my story is not much different than most. I wore my mother’s underthings in secret. I found them in the bathroom or hamper and there was the occasional pantyhose hung over the shower curtain to dry. I know I left the hose slightly stretched with the impression of my leg shape and wonder if my mother ever suspected.

Once I put on one of her stretchy panties, more like a very light girdle, with a crinkly stretchy material and clips to attach her hose. I wore them under my shorts and it gave me an erection. I went outside to play and enjoyed the feeling of wearing them but eventually had to go back inside and take them off.

I love the stories here of having sisters that dress you or give you some clothing to wear. I wish I had that. But I didn’t. Instead I had lots of friends who were girls who visited our house all the time. School and church was our connection, and one of the older girls drove a car that was our ride to and from school sometimes. Their mother and my mother were close friends.

I remember once they had taken off their dresses after school and changed into shorts or jeans or whatever to play. (We were all in upper grades of grammar school.) Somehow the idea came about to have my brother and me try on their dresses. We did over our clothes and for a brief time it was funny, but did not get repeated. Except once when we were at their house, we tried on formal gowns. But again it was over our clothes so it was fun but not as satisfying as I wanted it to be. I imagined wearing bra and panties, a slip, hose and shoes with the dress.

I had the opportunity to occasionally borrow panties and slips from their clothes hamper and wear them a few days, returning them discreetly later. And once I was able to obtain some discarded items from a girls locker room at a local high school just after school broke for summer. It was a girdle, bra, and half slip that I treasured for maybe a year or so.

I had a paper route during my first two years of high school and all my customers lived in apartment buildings. These buildings were very similar to motels built to two stories with courtyards and second floor walkways. It was Florida. They had washrooms with coin operated washers and dryers and clothes lines set up between buildings. It was there I discovered I could find lacy things to borrow. And I did! A lot. Never got caught fortunately.

I always got an erection when I out on lingerie but I did not masturbate though it did feel good to let my erection slide back and forth against the nylon fabric of my panties or slip. Once when I was doing this, I felt this sudden feeling like I was going to cum. I did not call it that, but I knew what it was though I had never had one. I felt like I had to prevent it, so I quickly pulled the panties away from my hardness and tried to relax, and the feeling went away.

Once when we were having visitors from out of town who had a cat, I was sent across the street to sleep at a neighbors house because I was very allergic. The neighbors were away, and I raided the mothers lingerie drawer. She had this (to me) beautiful, very feminine white nylon nightie that I decided to wear to sleep in. What a wonderful feeling. Putting it on immediately gave me an erection, but as usual I tried to stay calm and not ejaculate. I would ooze precum quite a bit though. I dozed off to sleep, and then found that the feeling of waking up knowing that I was wearing a pretty nightie was a fabulous feeling! Of course it would cause an erection that I would try to relax and keep from getting excited.

But here’s the thing. I didn’t have to do anything to cause the erection. Just thinking about the lingerie caused it. Then putting it on kept me hard. Relaxing and trying to think about anything else would help and cause it to relax somewhat. But then thinking again about the pretty gown and panties would bring it back. So getting to sleep was a challenge. And every time I woke back up it was such a sweet feeling!

The next morning, returning home was the hardest thing for me. Any time I spent during those years wearing lingerie in private was sweet and the hardest thing was ending it. Taking off the slip and panties would make me have the urge to out them back on just one more time. And much time was spent putting on a slip and enjoying it, then taking it off and putting another one on, and doing the same thing with panties.

So I had to take off this nightgown and replace it where I found it and put on my own clothes and go back across the street. Unfortunately I left a precum stain on the front of the nightgown and I never found out what might have happened when she discovered it. I wish I had just taken the gown and kept it.

I hope this was not too explicit. But it was my experience. I will tell you more in other posts. For now this one is getting long.

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