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Hi Brandie,

Yes, I think it is more common than some in society let on, but like everything else that has happened in history, there will be a tipping point, and cross-dressing will probably become more accepted.

Regarding history, I could make the claim that the rise of the middle class (and not feminism) has been responsible for a lot of current attitudes. Back in the ‘old’ days, when people wanted a remembrance of who they are/were, first you had to be extremely wealthy which most weren’t to pay a commission to have a painter paint your portrait. Then you wanted to look your best and not just some trashy daywear, so you put on your best outfit that you seldom wore, and then the painter using his whole palette went to work making it even splashier.  Just don’t trust those few paintings we have of a few very, very, very rich people as somehow that was standard daily wear, it wasn’t.

Also, the vast majority of people were POOR!!!! They didn’t have the time nor the money to indulge in wearing fancy clothes, much less decent clothes. They worked from sunup to sundown and then went to bed, seldom washing themselves or their clothes. And the kids worked too. No school, hardly any playtime. You just don’t see most of that in paintings of the day. And the few portraits we do see, the ones where men are wearing what we would now consider lavish clothing, well, just think on this – those give rise to those lascivious attitudes we now have which encourages media to throw more our way as if that was standard living conditions.  It weren’t.

The rise of the middle-class starting in the late 1800’s industrialization gave rise to a whole class of people eventually having some spare time on their hands along with money, along with pent up desires.  I doubt very many males ‘back in the day’ had the time or money or anything to indulge in cross-dressing. Today we do.

And with the rise of the middle-class came class distinction and proper behavior attitudes having nothing to do with ‘feminism’.  Whole groups now had the power to try to impose their will on the rest, whether it be old fashioned liberal or conservative attitudes or current versions of each, again having very little if anything to do with feminism.

And as others here have pointed out, there is still a huge wage disparity between men and women’s wages.  And, go raise a kid by yourself. I did. Lose your father and have a mother that had to work at a time when few were working and definitely not mothers of little ones. Mine did.  I grew up with brothers and sisters and I watched very carefully how my mother was treated, how they were treated, how they lived and grew and moved into adulthood.

It wasn’t by complaining or wishing or hoping that things would somehow have been different or will immediately get better.  It was by just getting out there, being a good person, contributing, helping, joining in, and like here, sharing experiences, giving hope to others is what counts.  General acceptance may not come in my lifetime, but it will come. Complaining will never help, doing things however small to help or encourage oneself or others does.

Hugs, ChloeC

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