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Anybody remember the term ‘Tomboy’? I was one. Played with the boys, hiked in the woods, caught frogs and turtles, climbed trees. Until puberty started, then I outgrew most of those activities.

Pretty dresses for a school dance, dating boys too awkward to put a sentence together. Now a Mom, and Grandmother. I still enjoy hikes in the woods, think retiles are cool, but too old to climb a tree.

Now days, I would have been put on puberty blockers without my parents knowledge and told to choose a boy name.

Every study has an agenda, that’s how they get paid by those that fund the study in the first place.

Every boy that likes cooking instead of Baseball, every girl that likes cars instead or Barbie, they are not misgendered, gender fluid, non-binary, or whatever new invented term of the week. They are simply boys or girls that like what they like.

There are but two genders, a scientific fact. X and Y chromosomes and nothing more. How one identifies are feelings. Gender fluid is impossible, unless the claim is that someone can willfully change their DNA.

Genetic men should never compete in Woman’s sports, where’s our equal rights? Nor should they be in woman’s changing rooms until after surgery.

I’ve got more, lots more, that peeves me off about the gay community agenda. Not the community itself, the political agenda. I don’t use the LBTG**** term because they, (1) keep changing the letters and shame you for not keeping current. (2) Most of the terms don’t make any sense. (3) They all claim to be some kind of gay variant anyway.

To be clear, I’m not anti-gay in any way. No one should be discriminated for sexual identity. My hetero husband likes to dress as a woman. If born a woman, she’d wish she were born a man. It’s the children, the most mailable minds in society that are being manipulated without a parent’s consent.

The Pew study cites claims a higher percentage of trans and ‘fluid’ persons at younger ages. Doubtful that the change in identity is due to genetics than media and gay community influence.

What a grade school teacher has in their possession today for class instruction, if found on a man’s PC, would be arrestable for child pornography.


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