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I tried to just post a link but that does not seem to work here. So I copied the whole thing.



Is Hairfree No.1 For Real?

I am a 38 year old Transgender (MTF). To start off, I have not begun HRT but have been planning to for about 1 year and a half. The only thing stopping me is money. I lost my career because I am transgender, and have been without a real solid income for 5 months. I am extremely young looking for my age and am often mistaken for a 22 year old.

I have tried several methods to remove this ugly beard and mustache from my face, as shaving is time-consuming and bothersome to my skin. I started off trying Magic Shave Razorless Cream, which did not remove any hair at all, but did burn my face pretty bad. I had spent a considerable amount of money on laser removal only to discover that it did absolutely nothing except hurt like hell.

I went online and saw this Hairfree No.1 and thought, “Why not? It’s either this or electrolysis, and I can’t afford the latter so I’ll try this stuff.”

I bought 3 tubes for $100. I still have a 1 1/2 tubes after using it regularly for the past couple months. It did take a couple weeks before I received it.

Now I’m a little bit on the brave side and decided to just dive right in. Instead of testing it on a small area, I just put it all over my mustache and chin area. As per the directions, I left it on for 10 minutes. It did the same thing as the Magic Shave cream, except absolutely no burning of my skin whatsoever. Instead, I just had the tips of the hair sorta’ singed a little. The interesting thing is, the hair afterwards was really super soft, and shaving the next morning (I did this real late at night) was super easy, and I did notice that the skin seemed to appear much smoother than regular shaving left it.

After that shave, I left my facial hair to grow for an entire week (7 days). There was no noticeable change in the amount of hair. The following week, I applied it again, and left it on for 10 minutes, and essentially the exact same results were experienced, with the same amount of hair growth after 1 week.

I decided that since there was no burning of my skin at all, that I would leave it on for longer the next time I applied it. This time I left it on for 15 minutes, and the results were similar, but there were patches where the hair was removed all the way down to the skin. But still, after 1 week, the same amount of hair had grown in — but slower.

I was a bit disappointed and contacted their customer support, who did insist that it will work on men’s facial hair but that because of its androgen-driven nature, it will take longer and more patience. Later I decided that maybe I just needed to leave it on longer. After all, no other depilatory has worked on my facial hair at all, and laser treatement did nothing too. So perhaps my hair is just super stubborn when it comes to being removed.
One thing I had noticed about the hair after using Hairfree was that for a short duration after rinsing, the hair was so soft and flexible that it almost felt like fuzz. Also, it was almost transparent…the pigment in the hair had been removed. I looked really closley after rinsing and just took a pair of tweezers to remove one of the transparent hairs, and it just kinda’ fell off like some type of debris on my face. Then I remembered that some of those products like Nair come with a little foam scrubber to remove excess hair after using them, and went out and bought some Nair cream just so I could have the little scrubber the next time I used Hairfree.

Now things changed a bit. At that point I left the Hairfree No.1 on for 25 minutes, and that time I used the scraper (little plastic knife that comes with the Hairfree), hair was actually coming off and visible in the cream I removed. Excitement! I rinsed off the excess, and then used the foam scrubber….

…smooth as silk…the whole mustache and beard area. More excitement!

The next morning (I always do this late at night) I shaved my cheeks and neck, and what little remained in the chin/upper lip area. I generally shave once with the grain, then once against the grain to get as close and smooth as possible so that when I apply foundation I don’t look like a cakeface. I then waited till the next morning to do anything else, as I have always had a rather predicatble 24-hour growth cycle. The results were noticeable:

The upper lip and chin hair had grown about half the length it normally did, and about half as much as the cheeks and neck. But there was still the same amount of hair growth. The hair was very minimally thinner as well. More excitement!

It has only been a couple weeks since then, and I do still wait about 4 days or so before I use the Hairfree again. But the excitement is somewhat wearing off, though. I now leave the cream on for 30 minutes per use, and follow the same procedure of scraping, then using the foam scrubber. And I still have the same amount of hair growing, but it definitely is growing noticeably slower than the untreated areas. This slow growth is actually now a bit of a problem, because it makes shaving every morning a bit of a challenge because only some of the hair has broken the surface of the skin by each 24-hour period. Instead there are some little bumpy areas where the hair is just beneath the surface, so I get a few more nicks than normal. There are, indeed, a few little spots about the size of the eraser end of a pencil that do not have any hair after 3 days…and I KNOW there was hair there before I started using this.

So if you’re still with me after this long…here is the summarized verdict:

It appears that Hairfree No. 1 does indeed affect the growth of male facial hair in a noticeable way. It just isn’t as simple as advertised. While I still have just as much hair as usual, it clearly does grow much slower than it used to in the treated areas. Their customer support does insist that it will indeed stop growing if I keep using it, but they make it sound more simple and quick than it really is.

The cream does not stink. It has a mild sweet fragrance, but when you go to rinse it off, you will smell that typical rotten egg smell. It seems to only smell that way when you rinse it off though and it doesn’t linger.

I’ve also tried this in a couple other places with different type of hair. I tried it on the tops of my wrists, two applications two weeks apart. After 3 weeks since the last use, there is considerably less hair on the tops of my wrists and I have no doubt that if I use it there a few more times, the hair there will be gone permamently. Also I used it in that little crevice just at the base of the neck below my adam’s apple (which mine is really prominent and will need to be reduced if I go full MTF). The same results occurred there.

Here are a few tips for the facial hair:

  1. Don’t let the facial hair grow more than 1mm in length before an application of Hairfree.

  2. I was advised by customer support that “you CAN shave first” and apply it immediately after shaving, although I would not suggest leaving it on for extended durations immediately after shaving. I did experience some burning of the skin once when I used the Hairfree immediately after washing my face, but it was mild and went away before morning.

  3. Start off by letting it sit for the instructed 10 minutes, and if there are no real results, increase the amount of time on your next application to 15, and then 20, and so on. If at any time you feel any burning sensation, remove it immediately and note the amount of time for your next application. You will feel a weird tingle beginning a few minutes after you apply it. This isn’t the same as a burning sensation, and this will let you know it’s working.

  4. Get the foam scrubber thing. You can use the one included with Nair Botanicals (which works great on my legs, and smells amazing)

  5. Have patience.

  6. I believe that those who are actively taking hormones for MTF may actually have slightly better, faster results due to the stubbornness of androgen-driven hair, and of course if you’re on hormones then your androgen production will be less.

  7. Share your results if you try it!

I hope this wasn’t too long or confusing. Feel free to ask me any questions if I missed anything.


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