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Hi Girls,

This post is intended for biological males that present openly with some feminine characteristics. It may not be appropriate for closeted crossdressers that present as a normal masculine male in their everyday presentation.

I am a feminine male. I wear a feminine hairstyle, always carry one of my many women’s purses, and since I live in California, I am almost always wearing women’s open toe sandals. I do not completely crossdress and just consider myself a feminine male. Therefore, I don’t have a male and female mode. I’m just me! My wife and I get regular pedicure every three weeks. My toenails are always painted in a bright and feminine color like fire engine red, bright pink, fuchsia, or purple and they are always on display in open toe sandals so everyone sees them. I get a lot of compliments from women on my pedicures and choice of nail color. I wear my painted toenails everywhere and proudly like a women. In other words, they are part of me and I don’t care who sees them. In fact, since I have been wearing them for so long, I forget that they are even painted! Therefore, they are not a source of anxiety to me and I never put on socks to cover them. I usually don’t even travel with socks. On the other hand, even though I have been wearing openly for many years one thing never changes. If I am standing in line at the pharmacy or food store, when I look down I see ten bright red or pink toenails glistening in the light. It really brightens my day and makes me feel so feminine and happy. Women know that brightly painted toenails are a very powerful feminine expression that no masculine male would ever wear them!  When everyone sees my brightly polished toes, they know that I am playing for the girl’s team and that I have a very strong feminine side. They will also know that a I am not afraid to express the feminine within me. I find that as a feminine male, women are more open to casual conversation with me.

If I am attending a convention or other event, it is not unusual for women to compliment me on my toenail polish and start a conversation about nail polish. Earlier this week, my doctor was examine my feet and complimented my on my bright red toenail polish and for taking such good care of my feet.

If you google “men wearing nail polish” you will find that it is becoming more and more common for guys of all ages. You will find that there are recent articles in GQ and Esquire magazines about men wearing colored nail polish. There are groups on Facebook, and Reddit about men of all sexualities although mostly straight, wearing nail polish on fingers and toes. It is really becoming a trend for guys of all ages. Check out the OPI nail polish company videos about men wearing nail color on YouTube. It is really not a big deal!

When I first started openly wearing I found that the fear was really in my own mind and that I was my own worst enemy regarding wearing my painted toenails openly. After the first several outings, I found that no one really cares and just went about my business normally like a women with painted toenails. You will find that openly wearing your painted toenails is extremely liberating and freeing. Whenever I’m having a bad day, it instantly cheers me up to look down and see ten brightly painted toenails to remind me that I am a girl!

When you meet friends and other people that you normally have contact with and they notice your toes, don’t lie and tell them that you lost a bet, just tell them that you like having painted nails! After all, you are in charge of your own body. It is just like getting a tattoo and is simply body adornment.  After a while, your painted toenails will be accepted as a part of you presentation and women friends may compare and talk about nail polish with you.

The best way to get started wearing toenail polish is to make a pedicure appointment at a local nail salon. To make things easier, bring your favorite nail color with you to the nail salon so you don’t have to spend time making the decision there. If you really like a feminine color like red, pink, or purple, go for it so that you would be sorry about your choice later.

When you walk out of the salon with you pretty toes, be proud of them and don’t be tempted to hide them in socks. It is a very liberating and emotionally freeing experience to openly wear painted toenails. It is no different than when men first started wearing earrings.

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