It is great that you had a chance to get out and about. Every trip out helps boost confidence a bit, and one quickly realizes that nobody really cares how we dress.  Whether we are fully en femme, or just partially dressed life goes on. Some may notice, most don’t, and the few that do don’t pay it any mind. The worst I have ever encountered is a few people apparently commenting to one another as they glanced my way. Whether they we talking about me, or not, I can not say for certain, but if they were…so be it.

I was out Christmas shopping at a very busy mall in cute boots with a moderate heel, women’s jeans and and blouse and lipstick, just no wig. My forms gave me good projection and so I was very en femme. I might have had a few glances, but that was the extent of it. So, dress as you wish and enjoy yourself.

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