Well that’s a very good question and I have loved everyone’s response.  I do like the younger styles but as I’m getting older I look for the classic look. Jennifer Aniston, Bianca Jaguar, Lauren Hutton, Princess Di, Uma Thurman…there  are so many I love.  I want the outfit, casual or dressy that other women ask where did you get that ?

So prior to 2021 I had only been out a few times.   My wardrobe or maybe I’ll call it cloth8ng consisted of many mis matched items.  I didn’t know how to put and outfit together and never needed toss I never went out.  Things then changed…I told my wife…she has accepted it and supports me going out so they led to me building a new wardrobe for a woman that was going to go out into the world and for that I needed help.  I did my research and found Lyndsey Taub. Now granted it wasn’t inexpensive but it also helped me save a lot of money.  First thing ditch 80 maybe 90% of my current wardrobe.  Second u dear stand better what I like and what compliments my body.  Third learn about colors and style and clothing.  Fourth go out and acquire outfits..learn how to leverage one core piece with accessories to get a bunch of different looks.  Fifty ..get out and enjoy.  Lyndsey helped me with ever step of the way.   Now I love her and think she is the best out there…I don’t get anything from promoting her 🤣 but the point is we did t grow up learning the things that girls learn as they grow up.  A stylist will accelerate your learnings and you will feel more confident and be excited to get out! I’m no small chick either so they teach about what styles flatter you the best.  By far the most amazing thing I’ve done!

Lov you all!

Happy New Year!


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