Thanks Sarah, I would love to grow my hair but I don’t have enough natural hair left on top. What I have left is just a stereotypical balding middle aged male semi circle of hair round the back. I totally shaved my head and think it looks better that way. I have seen women pull this totally bald look off.

It would be a step further than I’ve been before. Totally comfortable out in full ‘Bianca’ mode, and androgynysing my make look. But being overtly feminine in male mode, that is new. A dress, skirt, bikini, swimsuit, jewellery, etc, but drab from the neck up.
I also am starting to find it such an interesting social ‘experiment. How different ages, gender, social class, beliefs etc react, act, and interact with me. Would I be treated differently in drab, in androgynous, in male but overtly feminine, in full on feminine dress? The only one I have not yet experienced is the male but overtly feminine mode.

I also like to think by pushing these boundaries by I am challenging myself but perhaps at the same time doing my little bit to desensitise society, to normalise what we do.

B x

Loving this journey!

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