So, here are the things that help me get out the door.

1. Remember that most people aren’t actually looking out their windows.
2. Some people suggest parking the car as close as possible so the distance and time is shorter, and that can be a great idea.
3. I’ve actually done the opposite too, park the car a bit further away, you have a bit of a walk to get away from your house, but then once you’re on the main side walk, you’re just a woman walking down the street.
4. I guess it depends on what you’re neighborhood is like. I live on a busy street so most people try to stay out of their front yards, other spaces might create other difficulties.
5. I’ve read accounts of people dressing only partially, and then finishing their look in the car. That might work, but wearing heels or skirts in the summer when you can’t cover things with a large coat is harder.
6. I actually think that sometimes you’ll stand out more trying to hide than if you just own it. I went to the store recently but didn’t have any makeup so I thought I’d wear a mask. There’s always a few people around in masks even in my conservative town. I was almost the only one in the store in a mask and I think that made everyone notice and think about me even more. I heard several people say things about wearing a mask and I felt unusually self conscious that day. When I got home I realized I probably would have been more passable and less noticeable without the mask. Sometimes the best thing to hide behind is boldness and confidence, though that’s easier said than done.

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