Hahahaha! BARB!!! Miss you girl.

I get what you’re saying, and that in itself doesn’t bother me at all. I’ll take all the whistles and compliments and gawking and pickups with a smile. That isn’t the issue and it doesn’t trigger me whatsoever. It’s welcome in fact, and I look for it, and it’s fun and makes the day totally intoxicating.

Even when it happens online in a certain way, I think it’s great.

BUT…. here’s a couple of examples to hopefully clarify where I’m coming from…

Out and about in public:

1) Man walks up and says, hey baby, you’re hella fine, can I get your number? [I think it’s awesome]
2) Man walks up, says “holy crap girl, love your outfit, you’re getting me all turned on…” [totally fine too]
3) Man walks up and says “you’re a hot femboy, aren’t ya sissy” [not that anyone has ever even remotely asked if I’m trans let alone a sissy, BUT, in this example, they’d probably get a punch in the face]

Same goes with online I guess too. Even the thought of 3 makes me feel make me feel like my crossdressing/makeup/womanhood/trans is not only failing the point, but makes me feel dirty in a way.

Now, I’m not a prude, and between consenting adults I’m game for roleplaying with someone I trust… but I don’t think even then it would make me feel all that hot if the reason they’re all hot for me is because they view me as a femboy. LOL.

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