Hi JJ, oh yes, I certainly do. And now with WAY TOO MANY pics.  Some are on my phone but are in a pw required folder.  A lot more are on my desktop, but not easily available unless you want and know where to look (of course a simple *.jpg will also turn lots them up).  I have at least one picture going back to around – at the latest – 1987-88 (35 years ago, time to deep six that puppy).

I know, I know, I should start cleaning them out, but I guess they’re a part of me, part of my maturing, increased desires.  To get rid of bunches like I should (too many almost duplicates), it’s to me anyway, sort of like removing parts of my life.

I have lots of other family pictures, as I’m sort of the family historian for my brothers and sisters, our parents, grandparents, going back a long time as I have two pictures of ancestors taken in the 1850’s, one a daguerreotype, the other a tintype.  I can’t throw any of the others away for the same reason. It’d be like I eliminating them from a past existence. Oh well

Hugs, ChloëC

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