Hi Jennifer, well, I never ever have liked any of my ‘male’ photos, not my HS or college graduation, or any before, in-between or after…except one (well maybe barely one of my 2nd wedding! definitely not my 1st ), a friend from college was a semi-serious photographer and had good equipment and lighting and I had him take some head shots (well lower chest up) of me and he gave me the negatives. One of them was absolutely the only one in my life I ever liked, I had 5 wallet copies made (in college I surely did not have a lot of spendable cash) and in a week, they had all been given out (by me being asked for them!) to young women in my college including the daughter of one of my professors. I went into the service after that and the negatives were lost.

Anyway, I’ve taken a lot of self pictures in dress (I mean LOTS), and some I find barely acceptable.  I think the longish hair of my wig tends to soften some of my features, but as can be seen, I’ve seldom taken any pictures with a full complement of cosmetics.  I’ve always dreamed of going to one of those makeover places and having – not a Vogue model re-do – but something professionally full yet conservative and see how I look. Maybe then I’ll like myself a little better.

<sigh> Hugs, ChloëC

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