I think most of us who do not get out more than a few times a year or who have yet to get out have worries, they are natural to have. Personally for me my biggest worry is to see someone I know who recognizes me by my voice or my walk or gestures and then tells friends family or people I have worked with.   I get out a few times a year I don’t dress locally except in my own home, however when dressed in public I try to present age appropriate and classy and as feminine as possible. With that being said I know I do not pass Im extremely tall and have a deep voice but I have found so far that I smile and am kind to those I am interacting with. They treat me kind and with respect whether they treat and or view me as a man dressed like a woman, a trans women or a crossdresser I have been treated with respect but most all I have encountered in public. I have received thanks and appreciation for how I present. Have even had positive conversations with people first complimenting me on appearance, makeup, clothing, nail, or wig and then asking questions at times as to why. It has given me the opportunity to say that I am a man who is heterosexual who enjoys expressing my feminine side and who enjoys dressing as a woman a few times  a year  as I love women and the femininity and I get to experience a little that I enjoy. Which also makes me in my opinion more empathetic and supportive of women as a whole. It is hard at times with maybe some strange looks or a pot shot comment here or there, but almost all of mine have been positive. So it is ok to worry just don’t let it control you be your best self when dressed in public  treat others how you want to be treated and have fun most people have their own life to worry about but some may make a negative comment and I have found more will smile back or make a positive comment.

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