Hi, my name is Jill and I’m a worry wort. Oh, wait, wrong group. Sorry. Or maybe it’s not.

I want to go out in public places so much,  but it‘s the fear of being discovered, not for being a guy in woman’s clothing, but being recognized for who I am, that keeps me from venturing out further than my mailbox. Too many of my friends and a few family members are very conservative and it could really hurt those relationships. But I also need a few more items to complete the look of a woman. A nice purse, nails and polish, and a new pair of glasses with women’s frames to name a few.

There is also the fear of violence, breaking my ankle while walking in my heels, or being involved in a car accident. Any of these could cause embarrassment at the least and catastrophe at the worst, none of which sounds like fun.

But with all that said, I may have an opportunity next month to go out one or two nights to local casinos. I’ll have to forgo the new glasses but I believe I can get anything else I may require. Fear sucks and I won’t be a slave to it forever. If I do get that chance to go out, I’ll make a post detailing how it went.

Hugs, Jill


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