Peggy Sue Williams
Duchess - Annual

I too had a few of the stuck stiletto heel experiences in earlier years.  One time in the mid 1960s, at a college sorority formal, I was wearing an evening gown, elbow-length white gloves, long-line girdle, stockings, and strappy stiletto sandals.  My heel got stuck in a wooden floor crack.  An usher saved the day by removing my stiletto, carrying me to a seat (I was 40 Lbs lighter then), then putting the stiletto back on my foot.

Another 1960s malfunction was making the mistake of wearing the wrong type of girdle to a dinner invitation one summer.  In the 1960s, when invited to dinner at someone’s home, a young lady wore a dress or a skirt, high heels, and stockings.  It was summer time, and I did not realize our host’s home was going to be very hot.  I made the mistake of wearing the popular but very uncomfortable Playtex Living Girdle.  I was hot and sweaty the entire evening.  (The Playtex girdle is made of 100% latex-rubber).

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