Sherri Remington
Duchess - Annual


I started growing a beard back when it was a radical thing to do and I’ve only shaved it off twice. First time was 35 years ago and the second was three years ago, when I tried to shape it into a Colonel Sanders and messed it up so bad I shaved it off as well as my mustache, which I have never shaved in my entire life. The first time I had a ZZ Top kind of beard and my wife  after the shock of coming home and seeing me, begged me to grow it back, which I did. Since then it’s been a shorter trimmed beard so the second time I did it while she was away and it grew back before she came home and all I heard from it was ” must have set the trimmer a little close.” So here I am now, so wanting to shave it off so I can do the make up and go for the total feminine look and feeling. I’m close, so close that I planned to do it two weeks ago but some very old friends came to visit from out of town and stayed with us. I lost the nerve to do it. It’s silly because as I’m writing this I know that if it goes bad all I have to do is grow it back and if I like it, then every one who knows me will just have to get use to it, it’s committing no crime and harming no one. It just come down to me, do it or not. I’ll let you all know when I do, I think though that you’ll hear the gasp from where you are.

Wish you a clean shave.


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