Awesome good for you glad that she was open and shared in the experience with you. I am happy for you. How did your conversation go what where her comments and questions to you?

My wife doesn’t really like watching me apply makeup not what she envisions her man doing. A little easier after I am done but then she comments you use way to much makeup I say I need to for contouring beard cover to try to look presentable she responds you wear more than 80% of women. I say I am trying to blend in the best I can to look classy and present the best female image I can she says your big almost 6’6 235 lbs you move and talk like a man people know your a man. I say I enjoy it and want to emulate a woman in appearance the best I can for the canvas I have she has gone out with dressed 4 times the last 2.5 years and has had fun she knows it is a part of who I am she just wishes I didn’t have this desire or hobby.

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