Ally Syn

Hi Alice and thanks, yay for summer. Weirdly it was a not a dress I fell in love with, and I ended up basically buying the cheapest frock from k-mart, I think it was blue. I have certainly since seen dresses that I been dying to try on, but this was a case that I was consumed by the desire to wear a dress – I.e. my feminine side was screaming for attention, my male mind interrupted this a okay put on a dress and like a typical male had no concept to form an image. I was so engrossed by the whole dilemma of why would I want to wear a dress that until I actually presented myself in the female clothes part of Kmart did the dilemma of choosing a dress present it self, so I basically fumbled my way through on price trying to discreetly size it without actually holding it up my body. Gosh, that seems like a life time ago and thankfully had many more shopping sprees … but the due to several attempts to “fix” myself, and “stop this nonsense” where I have purged. Until 3 days ago, my female belongs were zero. I now have 3 make up items, 1 pair of shoes, 2 dresses, 1 panty and bra set and one very cheap Halloween wig – lol. I have to stop this purge cycle – hopefully I find myself this time round with the love, support and experiences that CDH offers.

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