Hi JJ,

So here is my totally unscientific and barely substantiated belief.

It would appear to me that the ultimate ‘goal’ of any of the human species is to be a male.  In most the animal world, males are dominate and the ultimate male ultimately dominates.

To want to attain to anything less is looked upon – whether outwardly ridiculed or inwardly disdained by others – as to be considered  less of a male.

For example, women who dress and tend to be in a dominate role, while questioned at times, are also considered as wanting to fulfill that role.  Now many males will look at that and inwardly laugh knowing that it will never happen, but they understand that, well, of course, others would want to meet that standard of expectation and so in varying degrees put up with that obvious female confusion.

Now consider men who for whatever reason and however they go about it, appear to not want to aspire to that ultimate goal of being a MAN!!!!  Not only is it looked down upon in so many ways, but some seem to almost consider it something akin to a disease that could easily affect others, thus leading to the ultimate destruction of the dominate male.

There are some enlightened people out there, probably more than are willing to admit, but it’s generally those fearful of some kind of attack on male machismo that are the most vocal and strident and quick to find some way to criminalize or at the least totally ostracize those who don’t conform.

Well, that’s my take, which again is unscientific, but after living for a lot years, that’s what I’ve concluded by my observations.  YMMV

Hugs, ChloëC

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