I had no intention of coming out at work.  I was outed, and now I have come out to the people that I lead.  The management team all know now.  The law and the company policy have always been on my side.  One of my friends is an HR manager at a different factory with the same company and has a person fully transition and had to do training with everyone in the company and install gender neutral washrooms.

It seems that my management team had reached out to my freind to ask for advice on how to handle the situation.  Everyone has been very professional.  I have always been different in my beliefs and thought process than all the other leaders and engineers on staff.  This just let them know how different I really am.

My biggest fear has always been being out at work, it came true and it has been better than any dream I have had.  I thought I would need to leave me job and the company I work for to transition.  Now I know I can stay and let all of me out.

It is amazing how our conditioning at a younger age impacts us now and builds the fear in us.  It seems to be unwarranted but still there.

Many men have earnings, yet many of us are afraid to get peirces.  Many men have long hair, yet we hide with short hair.

I hope one day all our fears are laid to rest and we can life the life we want with full acceptance from everyone.


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