Trish White

Hi Cece, thanks for the post. I chose ‘do what you want, call me when you’re done’. It was the only choice that was close to my and my wife’s arrangement. A little back ground, I came out to my wife before we were married. I just had to, there’s no way I was carrying my secret into a marriage and I had to give her the chance to change her mind. Well, she didn’t say much and we ended up making love that night. So, of course, I thought well this is a good start, she still wants to marry me and didn’t blow a gasket.

Well, not long after we were married she did not want me dressing up and had no desire to meet Trish. So it was into the closet I went. After a while I asked her why she married me after what I told her. To her defence she was a very naive girl and a very black and white person and she simply said I thought I could change you. I went to a psychiatrist with no results and then a few years later to a psychologist where I under went, believe it or not, aversion therapy (electric shocks) for months. That didn’t work either.

Fast forward 42 years and with the help of some very close girl friends here a CDH as well as help from a CD who has her own world wide blog who had posted ‘a crossdresser’s letter to her wife’and was kind enough to email me a copy of it. Between the letter and all of the girls at CDH it literally changed my life. I went from a very lonely and depressed girl who had no one to talk or vent to. To having a lot of close girl friends here at CDH as well as girl friends in my home town I go shopping with. I’ve also joined 2 CD social groups in Vancouver and regularly go to their functions. All of this in a short 2 year span. And the most amazing thing is that it’s all with my wife’s blessing. I’m going to a girls weekend in Kelowna the end of April, again, with my wife’s blessing. So in that short 2 year span my wife has gone from not interested period to being accepting of my crossdressing. She is not supportive in that she has no desire to meet Trish or go to any of the functions. But I feel blessed with her acceptance and if she ever becomes supportive I will be ecstatic.

Trish 💖

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