Angela Wagner
Managing Ambassador

When I first started using makeup, I wasn’t very good at it. So I would use a face app to enhance my makeup. It made a big difference, sort of what I might look like if a professional did it. As I progressed, I stopped using it because (a) CDH doesn’t allow for enhanced photos, and (b) my makeup skills improved to the point where I didn’t need it. I have also used facial apps for fun, to feminize the features of my face. The result is a “fantasy”  version of Angela. The results are enjoyable to look at, but I delete them at some point because the woman in the photo is not me. Facial apps can also be useful. I like seeing what I look like with different hair styles. And recently, I was trying to decide what types of glasses for Angela to wear. I was able to use an app to try on different styles.

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