Before I was ten years old, I can remember going to church with my family maybe once or twice. As far as I am aware, I was never baptized. Apparently, that was my mother’s decision (thanks, Mom). Then we moved to a tiny community and never went to a service ever again. Religion never meant anything to me personally, so when I studied ancient history and found the Greek mythology fascinating during my archaeology years, I guess that I realized then that all gods were imaginary and moved on with my life in this regard, so I never had any guilt trips laid on me.

My wife was raised Catholic, but I don’t think she ever got indoctrinated by them. She did go to church on Sundays before we met, but, as with many in her immigrant community, it had to be more of a social thing not because of any beliefs. I attended one social event with her over 30 years ago, during which the young females paraded around in a circle like a meat market. Not sure what that was all about, but it disgusted me and I never went there with her ever again. She stopped soon after, too.

While many find their faith comforting, some of the stories here show other effects. I wish you peace with those troubles. Fortunately, the main thing that bugs me about crossdressing is society is too conservative, in general, adding needless public constraints. Things could be worse. It’s tough enough being part of a small group (1-2%?) of which many have to repress themselves, but we manage, somehow.

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