Rhonda Lee
Baroness - Annual

I could not imagine looking presentable as a female, had no clothes, and didn’t know how to spell “mascara”, let alone how to apply it. Having no clothes or any skills at all I found a lady who considered herself an artist, bringing reality to people like me. I was totally amazed that she could actually bring out feminine features and could not recognize myself in the mirror. A good makeup artist can do wonders. I suggest looking for a dressing service. Short of that, if you have courage, go to a MAC counter and ask them to see what they can do with you… or visit a salon after hours after first calling to be sure you will be welcomed. It is not difficult to find places where you can get a makeover nowadays, with nothing thought amiss. You’ll be glad you did.  Go early enough to allow time to spend time out and about afterwards. Or attend a support group meeting if you can find one in your area (or contact me if you want suggestions.)

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