Ready for a long story? I single finger type as I’m not one of the kids that thumb type.
My wife suspected that I dressed and said so. Painted my toenails once and liked the lightness of panties. Cotton men’s briefs are a pain, but I digress. She once suggested that I wear her bra during an intimate moment. I refused, much to my chagrin. I thought it would expose me and my love for dressing.

Then there was the Halloween party in…maybe 2007? I wanted to dress as a slutty woman. She said ” I don’t want to see my husband dressed as a woman”. I got so many mixed signals, I decided to stay private. I think she had inclinations to be with a woman… won’t elaborate on a naughty video once, but she was confused and afraid where it might lead, as was I. I think she knew and wanted me to confess, but I knew it would be used against me someday.

Blah blah. She’s gone now. Do miss parts of her. Smile, laugh which were few and far between. I don’t miss walking on eggshells.

To end this diatribe, I honestly think I could only have a lasting relationship with a CD, as we are able to be who we are and be honest with both sides of our identities.

That enough of my soul?😂

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