I had pierced my own ears back in the late 80’s. The left became infected soon after. I faced a dilemma. Take the left out and let it heal and redo it, which would mean I only had the right ear pierced, (and we all know what that means) or just take them both out. Honestly, I felt people were judging even with two. Society wasn’t ready yet.

Last November (2022), I sent away for DIY piercing guns on Amazon . Cheaper than I would have thought. The whole process was not very painful. Did it myself, so how bad could it be, right?

Only advice I can offer is, buy more than two, in case you mess up, and use a Sharpie fine point to mark the spots to be pierced. Check your marks in the mirror to make sure you have them in the same exact spot on each ear. I had missed on one and had to do it again two weeks later when I noticed. And don’t change out the studs for at least four weeks. Seriously, four weeks.

And as far as people noticing, don’t worry about it. At first I was very self-conscious. Some of the people I see everyday noticed, but none said a word about it, nor did they treat me any different.

Just do it and enjoy yourself.

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