Patty Phose

I’ve been wearing stockings and pantyhose my whole life. Some pairs I can wear for a few weeks and others, I get runs or ladders in them putting on a brand new pair for the first time. Guess it averages out over time. 5 or 6 wearings is not unusual or uncommon.

There’s various reasons for pantyhose or stockings durability. One is the way you put them on. Just one little thing different or a little pull somewhere and you get the ladder. Another is the thickness of the fabric. A lower denier number will be much more delicate than a higher denier number. 8 denier is very delicate and sheer. 50 denier is much less delicate and somewhat less sheer. if you wear 30-50 denier, it will most likely look like you are wearing pantyhose or stockings. Personally I like that. The durability is a plus also.

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