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Activism is part and parcel of life, history is littered with examples where the downtrodden have risen up for rights.  These rights may have taken a long time to gain but over time reasoned debate and discussion have progressed to better disadvantaged or  marginalised in society. Society itself had time to understand and accept to a point where it becomes an acceptance where laws and protections are in place.

The trans community has benefited with protections and an acceptance in society. The issue is that we have been sucked into a wider issue where Trans activism has made demands without any reasoned discussion or debate which wants rights and protections for a myriad of identities that have a perceived connection to transgender,is it more about diversity than transgenderism? We have seen the results with cancellation, hate and threats to anyone that has an opposing view. Authorities have tried to appease by cow towing to these demands which has led to an opposition which has gathered strength and there are two camps which are entrenched and now the whole rights issue is being reviewed.

I accept the view of Tiffany that the general public are fed up with having it forced down their throats and that will create negativity.

If I was at work and a co worker made a comment that I believed was due to my being transgendered it could be reported to managers as such regardless of any intent or circumstances. I could make a complaint to the police due to my belief as this is now a hate crime. It can be done because I have protected status so is it no wonder that people are afraid of making and innocent comment that is misinterpreted and suffer a sanction just because it is believed by me to be so, how can the co worker defend that? Is it right that any person that has a reasoned argument against what activists say is sacked, cancelled and marginalised? No wonder the general public are becoming upset and may have a reaction.

It would seem we are suffering as a consequence but over ten years ago I came out and have enjoyed acceptance which still applies today. At work I ask no special favours and will not be upset by an innocent comment if it is without malice. There are those here, me included that just want to be ‘part of the furniture’ and quietly get on with their lives. Alas there are those who exploit the protections and create an unease along with those that are perhaps seen as a fad or part of the diverse society that also want to have these protections which may not have a justification that is acceptable to the population as  a whole.

I agree with Catherine in that we are our own ambassadors and expect nothing more than being treated as equals.

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