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    Well hello Sisters,

    Awhile back I mentioned about getting laid off from my day job…some friends here have asked how that’s workin for me so thought I’d post an update…

    Hey it was kinda rough there for a few (thank ya, Mom). But then the UI checks started rolling in, about half what I was making per week.  Just enough to scrape by on.  The bills are paid and my home is full of food, rule #1 no one starves at my house.  My old job said they’d call me back at some point, probably not til spring.  Sometimes I look around a bit for something else…not much out there around here.

    I thought I’d have just all kinds of free time, but what I didnt count on is that I now spend at least double the amount of time on everything I couldn’t do all day before.  My house is cleaner than it’s been in months and stays that way.  Get to cook three square a day for my son & I and hang out with him while he does his school work (he’s home all the time too).

    Some days I dont bother changing out of my (appropriately mom style) nightgown, others I get done up proper & go do laundry or grocery shop.  Or visit my little friend down the road a ways.  She’s off work too & has been for longer than i.  With the pandemic trying to roar back & weather turning cold there’s not much else to do outside of my home.

    If there’s one thing I miss it’s going to the bar and hitting the dance floor.  I dont really drink anymore but a few drinks & dancing sounds great right now.  Someone, please come and dance with me.

    This is fairly close to the sort of lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of.  Lol I dunno how I can go back.  It doesnt bother me to be broke.  I’m happier than I’ve been in a long damn time, maybe ever, and grateful to be in a warm place with my child & cats (I’m turning into the cat lady).  So that draws this long winded update to a close…if youre still with me here thanks for reading, Sister.  Love ya 😊

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      Autumn Valiant
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      I’m a crappy dancer,

      but like Tiff Any said,

      I would happily dance with you if I could.

      You could give me pointers



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      Managing Ambassador
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      Heya Sisters…thank ya kindly for the replies & support here!  For those of you feeling worried, sad or consolational… no worries hon!!  This is my passion!!  The day I have to go back to a “normal” life I’ll be crying y’all a river…

      A cat lady Eh!, should we worry? lol

      Yes.  That part maybe you should worry about.  “Crazy magical bluehaired cat lady”… kinda like the sound of that one 😁

      Thanks everyone! ❤

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      Rei Durden
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      I am very happy to hear you are in good place mentally, gratitude and appreciation can make even a less than ideal situation seem like a gift.
      Best wishes, Rei

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      Olivia Livin
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      Hey sister

      Glad to know you’re adjusting well and enjoying the time with your son.

      If it were possible, you know I’d be there wearing down the kitchen tiles with you.

      A cat lady Eh!, should we worry? lol


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      Bianca Everdene
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      Glad you are keeping your head up and financial support during these dark days. All our thoughts are with you Sam.

      I hope you get back to work soon.  Wish I was closer because I am in need of a girls night out as well, to dance the night away in our best party wear.


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      Jamie Kane
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      Hang in there I’m sure it’ll get better. As for Jamie, what she has been able to do since COVID is dress partially femme (Panties, Leggings, Uggs, Bra or Camisole and T-shirts) so no one but my wife knows that she is around every day. My family and I are fortunate as my wife and I work for a school district and have been working from home and have not been affected by this. So with the guilt that I feel about Jamie’s needs and now the guilt, I feel about being paid for kinda doing nothing (I’m in a Zoom help desk 4 hours a day. It’s all piled on. Basically, I’m sad about your situation and wish I be more helpful.

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      Hey Sammy, Great to hear that you’re doing ok! You gotta keep searching for the silver linings.
      It’s going to be freakin hard for a lot of people to go back to ‘normal’ (not that’s it’s not hard for many folks atm….) We’re lucky that my wife still has her work so the fact that access to mine keeps getting shut down isn’t a major stressor for us. I’m with you in the cooked/prepped meals thing for sure: we’re eating way more healthy than for a long time; my role as housekeeper is one I’m mostly ok with.
      Everyone should have be able to choose to spend time with their kids/family without having to worry about going hungry.

      S xx

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      Dawn Wyvern
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      Hi Samantha

      there is a saying that every cloud had a silver lining – this seems to be your case and its a time to put your priorities in to place.

      I am sad that you have been laid off but I can see that you have been positive in your attitude and focusing on the home and family things that get missed when doing the daily grind at work .

      Take your time and savour this period as things will get better !

      huge hugs

      Dawn x

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      Alice Underwire
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      Hi Sam,

      Nice to  hear you are holding on and have a good attitude after the job separation.  You can always turn up the radio and let your feet start dancing.


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      Stevie Steiner
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      I shall immediately brush up on my salsa dancing  ….. it’s been a while! Lol.

      I’m glad your hanging in there hon, and you’ve even become a cat woman. 🐱.  This is good.😁


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      Grace Scarlett
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      Gosh Sammy

      I love so many things about this post…you sound ( dare I say)…domesticated!!…it must be wonderful just to sit with your son while he does his homework…quality time.

      People say money isn’t everything, but it’s usually the same people who have lots of it…

      if you are ” scraping” by, have food and a roof, sometimes that’s enough…..you have spare time to do ” the little things” in life that are so rewarding…for so many people it’s just work, eat, sleep…. you’re in a rut and life just passes you by!!!

      Everything you seem to be doing, is just a normal way of life and a clean house and eating properly can only be good for Sammy, mentally and physically.

      Lastly, while I would love to dance with you, I don’t think your poor toes would like me very much.

      Huggs, grace ❤️


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      stephanie plumb
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      Hi Sammy,

      Are you sure you are the same Samantha I became friends with in early 2019?  Back then you waxed lyrical about your hiking and fishing trips and your brushes with the park rangers and so on. What’s changed?  Is  it because you have had to tighten your purse strings? Or have you just ‘moved on.’

      You send me a PM which I haven’t replied to as yet – I will, soon. We need to catch up.

      Speak with you soon….  but you need to convince me its the real you!

      Stephanie P

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      I’d happily dance with you if I could .

      Glad you’re seeing so much positive out of a sad situation .🌹🌹

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      I think I mentioned in your earlier thread that I got caught up in the 2008/9 downsizing.  The day I was let go, 400 others also went. I didn’t have a full time job for over 2 years, tho I lucked out being a 99er (if you were on UI back then you’d understand my good fortune). What I wound up doing was taking several adult education classes at the local community college trying to keep current in my field (tough right now, tho), got a job as a part time instructor at a one of those adult return to school colleges (one night a week per semester), and took some purely fun classes – juggling and mountain dulcimer, oh and lots of online pseudo-classes, supposedly with an instructor, interesting but, eh . Basically, it was finding something to do to keep from feeling depressed (sending out resumes was VERY depressing). I think you’re doing the right things, and hopefully it will get better for you in the new year.

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      Robyn Devine
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      Thats good to hear.  Despite it all, this year has kind of taught us all whats really important in our lives.

      I have a feeling come New Years, there’s gonna be a LOT of people tying one on!!  Will 2021 be the year of the “Lets forget 2020 happened!”


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        Megan Edwards
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        I have the feeling New Years will be party free.  Everything will close early due to the governor’s regulations.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Samantha great up date and hope it keeps working out for you and son  . As i never got layed off as the company said my position was essential but kind of wanted a break from all this crazy mess but never happened .. Big hugs girlfriend stay safe and keep plugging away at it ..

      Stephanie Bass

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      Amy Myers
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      Well I’m sorry about your work situation, but at least it has a silver lining. I was out of work for a time a few years ago and my daughter was in her last year of post secondary education. So I got to spend more time with her, and of course I’d often get a call at the end of class, asking for me to come and pick her up! Which being the push over I am, I always did.

      So, enjoy your time at home and with your family members, large and small. My pets are part of my family as well!


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