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    Linda Rose Nygaard
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    To convey a realistic picture of my CD life, I feel I should talk about my bad days as well as my CDing successes.

    Yesterday started out as a perfect beach day.  Temp was in the  low 80’s, clear sunny day (perfect for tanning), enough wind to keep the bugs away but not enough to blow people’s stuff all over the place.  There were enough people there to make lively conversation, but not so many  as to prevent social distancing.  In other words, a “10” as beach days go.

    There was a couple sitting about 20 feet from me.  I assumed they were BF/GF.  I should also mention that they were  consuming alcoholic beverages at the time, which is illegal in city parks or beaches here.  The woman stood up and walked over to me.  She began complimenting me on my tan, noting that my white string bikini made my tan “stand out” more than a dark colored swimsuit would.  She continued complimenting me.  Of course I politely thanked her.  She hollered at her BF:  “Hey Larry, come over here”  When he came, she said:  “Hon, I think you should wear a little bikini like this guy does, and then you could get a terrific tan like his.  I think you should ditch those stupid green trunks you’re wearing, they’re boring as hell.  He said:  “I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything like that”, meaning my swimsuit.  In an attempt to defuse what I believed was an escalating argument, I said to him:  “Why don’t you get cremated when you die, then clothing or lack of it wouldn’t be an issue?”  I tried to disrupt the tempo of their argument with a little bit of humor, but it didn’t work.  Their argument escalated and became increasingly laced with profanity.

    I don’t know which beach-goer it was, but somebody called the cops.  They arrested the couple and took them away.  So no harm done to me or to anyone else, nevertheless the whole thing spoiled what would have been a perfect beach day for all.

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      Deborah Sullivan
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      That was a bummer of a day Linda and sorry to hear. When going to the beach here in LA I mostly visit the gay part with same sex couples . Have had a few minor incidents but nothing like yours and hope it doesnt discourage you from further beach outings. We all love getting those tanlines to show off.

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      Alison Anderson
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      Like the others, I’m sorry you had to deal with that.

      About a week before, I had my own good beach day go bad in a different way.  I was going to go to the beach (en femme), and had packed a change of female clothes and wig to go shopping on the way home.  When I got to the beach, I discovered I left the change of clothes at home.

      I didn’t want to go to the supermarket in just my coverup, so after the beach I went home instead to change.  On my way to the supermarket, someone made a left turn in front of me and I couldn’t avoid an accident.  Fortunately, I was not seriously hurt although the accident totaled the car.  I don’t think anyone except the police and the paramedics (who were called just to check on me) suspected I was anything but female, but now lawyers looking for money from law suits are sending letters to me and I assume the other driver with police reports (with my male name).  I think the other driver is getting a surprise.

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      Stephanie Bass
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      Hi Linda sorry about you beach trip as yes some drinkers ruin it for everyone around them and seems to prey on innocent women as your self just trying to enjoy a day at the beach or any other outings we may have . So have faith your next trip will be better and dont give up you deserve to have fun as we all do  be safe and cant wait to hear about your next outing .

      Hugs Stephanie

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      Grace Scarlett
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      Oh Linda….chin up honey!! You acted beautifully… well done. These sort of “people” ( I use the word loosely) are 100% why innocent girls like ourselves are sometimes given such a hard time…it does not happen all the time, but when it does, it can shatter your confidence….keep the faith lovely.   Grace xx

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      Tabitha Tee
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      I don’t drink anymore, but when I did I tried to be moderate and everybody had a good time. But drunks ruin everything. I’m glad they didn’t take it out on you. May the rest of your beach days be peaceful.

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      Registered On: September 13, 2018
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      So incredibly rude!   I’m so sorry that happened to you.

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      Stephanie Kennedy
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      Hi Linda That is just awful. I cannot even imagine what i would do under those circumstances. There is just to many people that do not feel good about themselves and they try to make others feel as bad as they do. Maybe she was just jealous you had a cuter bathing suit . Its too bad that people have to be so mean. Sorry you had to deal with some one else’s sh.t. . I do like the name ” bikini boy’ its a cute and fun name.

      luv Stephanie

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      Linda Rose Nygaard
      Registered On: April 30, 2020
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      By way of further explanation, that was the first negative experience I’ve had at that beach in all the years that I’ve been going there.  I’ll say that this is still my favorite beach of several in my area, in spite of what happened there.  I might add that the couple who caused all the trouble  were not beach regulars.  Because that beach is such a fun place, that made the negative experience stand out all-the-more.  Some people who don’t frequent that beach refer to it as a hippie beach, but neither I nor any of the other ‘regulars’ there mind being called that, although we’re definitely not hippies.     A couple years ago, I became one of the beach regulars when I was ‘baptized’ by having one of the other regulars sneak up on me and dump a pail of water on me as I was laying (lying?) on my stomach on my beach blanket working on my tan.  Once I was ‘baptized’, I was given a new name, namely “Bikini Boy”.  That name is what all the beach regulars have called me ever since.    I think the thing I like best about that beach is that all the regulars there are very non-judgemental and peace loving people.

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      Carla Jones
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      I’m sorry you had to experience such bigotry from the loser couple. People like that is the reason I carry.


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      Hi Linda.

      I am heart broken that happened to you. 😢 It is completely wrong what they did. Yes same here no drinking at public parks, on the street etc.

      Believe me if Natasha was there. She would have your back..😊

      Its sad how booze changes people a lot. They do not think. I dont know if its open yet due to covid. A bar owner here last summer opened a new bar for the college kids. Its fancy drinks but all non alcoholic. Its a hit. The kids were realizing how stupid they were and acting like idiots when drunk.

      Never mind those jerks lov, Just enjoy yourself..





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      Jin Crocker
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      Total bummer. I love it when someone notices my tan lines, even when it is obvious that I am male. I do hate it when someone has a negative response. Like my wife says, “God must love assholes, He sure made a lot of them!”

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      Kay Anderson
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      So sorry about your day. Lots of idiots out there. And booze makes them worse! Hope the police spoiled their day also!

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      Luna Blackthorne
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      That is really sad to hear. Sorry to hear that. I always wondered why people can’t just mind their own business.

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