A Great Day Out with Wife

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    Charlotte Rose
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    Me and the wife finally went out on another date together. This time I was fully dressed in a dress with black panty hose, knee high boots with my pinkish purple purse. But, this time I didn’t wear my wig. I wanted to, but it’s a cheap wig from Wish and it was doing good this time around trying to brush it out.

    So, I decided to go without the wig. I was nervous about it at first, but that was quickly over with. We went to a seafood restaurant. The hostess welcomed us without even batting an eye. The waiter directed most the questions to the wife, but I was fine with that. I noticed a while ago that most guys will pretend to not see me and that’s fine by me. We enjoyed out meal together and had a blast. The wife had to use the ladies room right when got to the door to leave. So, while I waited, I had a pleasant conversation with the hostess (they weren’t busy since it was in between lunch and dinner) and another female customer that was waiting for a to go order.

    Afterward, we briefly visited an adult store and tried on some really high platform heels she found in my size. It wasn’t easy to walk in those.

    After that, I took her shopping at her favorite store. Lane Bryant. We walked in and the ladies warmly greeted us both. We looked around for a bit and we split up a bit to look for a new outfit for her. The sales lady came up to me and asked if I needed help looking for something myself and even offered me a dressing room to try on something. I politely declined the offer and explained this trip was about the wife and was helping her find something. We left there with the wife finding 4 shirts, a couple of new bras, and couple of pants. And she bought me a ring for me to wear instead of my guy wedding ring while dressed. It’s fake everything, but it’s pretty and I don’t need anything fancy.

    On the way back home, we stopped for fuel and the wife went inside to get a couple of sodas for us to drink on the way home while I put fuel in the car. While I was fueling, someone came up behind me and grabbed my butt. I thought it was the wife and started to be playful. It turned out to be some random guy who thought I was someone else. He turned beet red and started apologize up on side and down the other. He explained he thought it was I was a cougar he had been dating at one point and was wanting to get back with her. Apparently she has the same dress and boots I had and a short haircut like mine. I wasn’t sure if I should have been flattered or insulted, so, I just played it off and said that’s fine, but you just can’t go grabbing random butts. He apologized again and left.

    All and all, it was a great day.

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     Charlotte Rose 
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    It was nice going out without a wig. I think I’m going to let my hair grow out and get an androgynous hair style. I have naturally grey hair (went grey long ago), so, I will rock that color with my haircut.

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    I was at a night club a few years back. I was wearing a short skirt with a low cut top, thigh highs & heels. some guy sidled up to me, & before I could say “hello”, his hand was up my skirt, & his finger on it’s way up my ass!  I slapped him back into the stone age!!!
    I don’t know where these guys get the idea that we’re nothing but playthings for them, but I guarantee you, that guy won’t be trying that again!!
    He’s lucky he got out of there in one piece.  The bartender (a real sweetheart, whom I just wanted to take to bed & cuddle with, for a week!), was really pissed at that guy, & promptly had him thrown out, never to return!

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     fiona moss 
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    Hi Charlotte, sounds like you had an eventful day! not too sure how i’d have handled the butt incedent though! thanks for sharing that with us 🙂

    Fiona xxx

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    Oh what a fun story Charlotte!  Yes, thanks for sharing.  Isn’t it kind of interesting to note how people respond differently, the different situations you can find yourself in.  Glad that you had such a great time out with your wife.

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     Michelle Liefde 
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    Charlotte, wow!  That sounds like a wonderful day, thank you for sharing with us. It is inspiring to hear about these moments especially with a significant other. My wife and I have not had that experience yet of me dressed and going out together but we have shopped together and have had a blast.  I hope to have a similar day out with her.  And good for you to not let the grabbing incident get to you and let him know that it was not cool to do.  You rock!




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