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    Caty Ryan
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    Hi ladies,

    As I move into my “dotage”, (way past 3 score and 10), I look back with some fondness about the “lovely young ladies” I courted before I eventually ended up marrying one. (But after nearly 3 decades, sadly, that ended up in “tears before bedtime” aka divorce….. But I digress..)

    There were one or two from my earlier years I was very close to, but in no way was I ready to settle down.

    So  with “nostalgic tear in corner of eye”, it is my fervent hope that they went on to meet and marry someone, and now like me, are living a happy and contented life with lots of kids and grankids to fuss over.

    Anyone else feel the same??

    OK I will bring  Caty in as a postscript.. Yes I was into my mother’s things in the times I was with these wonderful people, but the only “underwear” of theirs I ever got close to was…..

    I’m sure you can guess the rest…

    Happy dressing (and reminiscing…As per the song written by Graeme Gobles of Oz’s famous Little River Band)






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      Brenda Lynn
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      My first “real” high school girlfriend – the girl I should have married – is still my best friend today (50  years later). We had a brief affair later in our lives, but it was passing. We have stayed in touch and see each other often for lunch or to visit a mutual friend. I have told her about Brenda Lynn and my bi-genderism and she understands totally – even remembered I had mentioned something about it when we were dating all those years ago. Expect if Brenda Lynn and this woman could go out together, we would, but at this point in my situation, it’s not likely to happen – but who knows, things could change.


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      Debbie J
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      Honestly, the vast majority of women that I’ve dated I would cross the street to avoid encountering. I blame myself for making bad choices, i.e., for going after hot bodies and beautiful faces and ignoring bad behaviors.

      There is one woman that I do think of fondly. She broke up with me and started dating someone else without telling me, then let me drive 5 hours to help her move. That will give you an idea of how bad the others were. Even after that, I recall her fondly because, unlike most of the others, she never lied to me. I know that she got married within a couple of years after that, and I know she had a kid. I saw her at that point and talked to her and her husband, and my impression was that she was happy with the kid but not happy about the husband. I do hope that she finally found what she was looking for.

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      Caty Ryan
      Registered On: August 27, 2017
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      Thank you ladies for all the wonderful response and thanks

      I neglected to mention that some 40  years after a typical “teenage romance”, ( “B.C”, aka before car, I use to ride my bike to her house), I was contacted by one of my old G.F’s… By that stage my family were running a successful manufacturing business and muggins here got his photo in the paper as a result of us having a huge “blue”, (Oz for argument) with the Federal Govt. over an issue that was costing us $$$

      Of course by the time contact was made, she was happily married and I’d just separated. But there were some very pleasant catch up coffees and drinks.

      During which time she told me her “Evil Stepfather” banned her from seeing me..Of course at that age nothing permanent would have resulted, but it was lovely to relive those old times.

      Happy dressing**



      ** Do my share .. Stage four lockdown here. Cant drive any further than 5k’s. The “boss” is home all day every day and I cant even have  a “storage locker isolation” dressing session as its double the above distance




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      sarasue olson
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      I dated some very lovely ladies especially in collage,  two I really loved and thought the world of and I will never forget them. I wanted someone to settle down with also one who would accept my crossdressing, that I could not give up, it was too much A part of me. Unfortunately neither of them would have no part of A guy in panties. But as time went on I found that special some one who loved me as I was and accepted my love of women’s clothing and have been happily married over fifty years.

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      Jenny Thigh High
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      Honestly, I think about the men in my past.

      Where they are now, how they ended up, etc.  For the most part, yes, I hope they are happy.  In one or two cases, I sorely regret that we lost touch and would love a “do over.”

      Ironically, the two most memorable men were married at the time and so, I wonder how that worked out.  Probably still married, I’d have to guess.

      Also wondering if they ever think about me, what are their memories of me?

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      Carla Jones
      Registered On: May 14, 2017
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      I think often about a girl I dated throughout college. She never married and I wonder why. She got her Masters and Doctorate and is a big time researcher now. I really think she was the only person that I loved unconditionally. I eventually was married twice and divorced twice. The first one came back a year later and apologized for causing our divorce and told me she regretted it and wish she could do it over. The second marriage we had 2 kids and divorced after 15 years. I don’t miss her at all and do everything I can to have zero contact with her. Yes, she is that much of a bitch even after 12 years being divorced. But other than that I have had really wonderful relationships with many wonderful beautiful women over my lifetime.


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      patty williams
      Registered On: January 19, 2019
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      Hi Caty,

      I do think about girls I liked or were girlfriends from the to time, however like Kay I wonder what my life would be like if I could have grasped my feminine side at a younger age.

      Its always fun to think about stuff like that isn’t it.



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      Linda Rose Nygaard
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      Your post resonated with me, very enjoyable reading.  I often think about “what if…..”.  Yeah what if I’d married one of my GFs that I was dating before I’d been ready to ‘settle down’?  Marriage probably wouldn’t have worked out, but fantasy world is fun to visit once in a while.  Just one word of caution though:  Don’t visit that fantasy world too often or too long at a time, because you might accidentally say your ex GF’s name in your sleep then need to explain things the next morning.

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      Kay Anderson
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      Hi Caty,

      I didn’t date much, but did have a couple girlfriends. I often wonder where they are and how they are doing. At the same time, I often dream what it would have been like if cross gender issues were acceptable in the 1970’s. Would I be a woman now? What would my life have been like? Would I have been friends with those girlfriends I knew?

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      Bettylou Cox
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      Now that you mention it……

      Hi Caty, and this post certainly dredged up some old memories.  I only had three girlfriends in my dating years, between ages 19 and 29.  The first had two brief, unhappy marriages before finding the “right”one;  the third turned me down when I proposed, and I lost track of her; the second dumped me after a 3-yr off-and-on relationship, then, after a nearly two-year break asked me if I would marry her – which I did.  We’ve been together for 56 years and counting.

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